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Hello there,

You have chosen to experience a lifetime in a most paradoxical place, dearest one. Earth—there is no other incarnational choice quite like it.

On one hand, the entire experience is an illusion—a “seemingly real” illusion, indeed, but an illusion nonetheless. One could say nothing really matters because it’s all just a “dream.”

And on the other hand, everything matters. You have impact. The way you talk to your spouse, or a stranger matters. The way you care for your planet, or not, matters. The focus you give to your life matters.

Of course your thoughts and feelings matter, as they are creating your entire illusion. Where you place your attention—be it on the beauty and wonder of the world, or the ugliness and tragedies—does have power.

You are not here by accident. You chose this lifetime because you wanted to experience certain things. You intended to transcend the challenges you chose for yourself and create a life that is magical, abundant and overflowing with love.

Although the illusion is not real, your experience of it is. You will bring this experience back to your soul, your higher self, God and me too.

Friend, what I’m trying to say is, stay conscious my love. The power is within you to create your heaven on earth. But stay conscious and be patient.

Know the answers will come, the support will be given, and the way will be shown (should you intend it, and do the work that is to be done.)

And know I am here, cheering you on, loving you deeply, and assisting you (when you request such assistance.)

In total and complete love,

The Goddess

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