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Hello there,

My life is different from yours in many ways. Yes, your dreams (and then some) have come true—I am living proof. And you will dream dreams you can’t even imagine yet—and many of those will come true as well.

But the real difference, between you and I, Friend, is the peace. I am so very peaceful.

You see, I discovered that worry, impatience and fear don’t produce realities I like. I really let it in that I am creating my reality all of the time.

I’ve come to trust that. And now, I know that no matter what happens in my world, I will be fine—more than fine—I will triumph. And that knowing—that absolute knowing—brings me peace.

And OMG Friend, beyond peaceful, my life is so much fun! You can’t get to fun and peace (not to mention prosperity and love) by dwelling on the past and feeling like a failure. You just can’t.

But I know you can get here. I did. That means you can create it too.

Yours in joy, fun and love,

Your Future Self

P.S. The secret lies in feeling how I feel (in your future) in your reality now. Pretend you already have the life you truly desire. Emotionally live that life each and every day. And you’ll see your reality change right before your eyes. I know it isn’t easy, Friend—but I also know you can do this. xo

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17 comments to " FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF "

  • Peter

    Spot on once more. Thanks so much!

  • Nancy

    Never a coincidence. I just received a harsh message from my son. And, then I receive this lovely message. I will “act as if”. Thank you, thank you thank you.

  • Your Name

    i know exactly what your saying,, and I try every day,, some days better than others,, some things are just hard to shake,,thank you Boni

  • Ceu

    You made me feel better thank you
    I know my present is not good now but I smile at my tomorrow because it wil be peaceful just like today

  • Christine

    Thank you! I love these messages :)

  • Edith

    Already have so much peace and joy. I’ve let go of so much worry, thanks to the spiritual foundation I already had, and implementing the techniques from The Map. Would like to hand it out like Candy!!!

  • Leslie

    Hello this letter comes in the right moment thank you so much for it !!!

  • genevieve

    Thank you, i am inspired and following in your path. Thank you

  • Tammie

    Perfect timing! Just yesterday I decided to live in the present and not allow my past to dictate my future. I released all of my fears and anxieties. I have decided to be in a constant state of Love, Peace, Joy, and gratitude. Thank you for confirming that I am on the right path. <3

  • Benita

    Thank you so much – too often impatience is there – slowing down and letting reality and life run its course is difficult. It is all a choice a choice made daily, hourly by the minute or second but the choice is peace..shalom

  • Lisa

    Your message that I received was the Universe showing me exactly what it’s capable of! I was just in a bit of a tailspin this morning after learning of an unexpected expense which is due on the horizon on top of other financial worries and was just thinking of that exact word – ‘failure” – about myself. Then I get your e-mail which seemed to be tailored for me for what I needed to hear today and guess what? I am at peace and feel confident that everything is going to work out just fine. I’m sooo thankful to you and to the Universe for bringing your inspirational words to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! <3 Blessings, Lisa

  • Joycelyn

    Thanks..your message came at the right time. I was frustrated, scared and very scared; financial very very fearful. Now I feel much better as I know I will do fine if I believe. THANK YOU.

  • Trista

    I always love these, definitely helps me out.

  • laurie

    I so need these. Thank you so much. Speaks very clearly. But how to implement it?

    • Boni


      Implementing is what my work is all about. The Map is a step by step process. And this site is filled with techniques, how tos and troubleshooting blog posts. Dig in…and change!


    • Your Name

      This message like all the others bring a smile to my face as well as peace. I look forward to them and I am going to take this advice so that my true peace starts now. Thanks

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