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Hello there,

Be still dearest one, for I have an important message for you.

I noticed that you aren’t as blissful as you could be. Oh, yes, you are happy—but you could be happier, couldn’t you? You could be blissfully happy with your life.

How, you ask?

By slowing down, dear Friend. By allowing each and every moment you live to be the divine reflection of you that it is, and by honoring it as you honor yourself.

Ah, yes, I hear you asking “how” again.

You accomplish this “living your divinity” by remembering, dear one. Remembering why you are in a physical body in the first place. You are there temporarily, until you return home—and it is meant to be a gift—a beautiful, sensuous, extraordinary gift.

And when you start accepting your reality as the gift it is, and cherishing all the wonderful things about it, you will begin to see changes in your world.

It is a paradox, isn’t it?

You have to see the beauty in your world before more beauty appears.

But paradox or not, it is the way it works.

Live the life you were meant to live now, today, this very minute of your life!

You don’t have to wait, dearest one. You can live NOW who you want to be. You can claim joy NOW. You can feel abundant NOW. You can live in the moment NOW—extracting every succulent bit of juiciness that you can from this very instant.

Because, as you and I both know, the NOW is all there is.

With the deepest love possible,

The Goddess

P.S. Look around you Friend. Life is good. You have love. You have beauty. You have a level of abundance. You have a depth of knowing about who you are. And your life is getting better—as is the world.

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