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Hello there,

I am having the best time in your future (which of course is my life).

Well, potentially your future. You DO get to choose exactly which “future self” you align with. (And I highly suggest you choose me. I am your most light-filled future.)

Yeah, Friend, life here is amazing…all the success, money, fun, excitement, happiness and love I could ever want, yet still—every day gets better. It’s hard for you to imagine isn’t it? I know it’s hard for you to imagine that your life could be this good because I was you, remember?

I’ll admit it, though—it took me a while to figure out how to get here.

I kept thinking there were “exceptions” to the law of attraction. But the more I took it seriously, the more I realized there are no exceptions.

Yes, it’s true. You really are creating every single second of your life. Oh I know it doesn’t always seem like it’s true—especially when you can’t figure out how or why you created something.

But that you can’t see the reason doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

I really want you to choose this future, Friend, so I’m going to tell you how I did it:

1.   I set this intention: “I intend to learn how to consciously create my reality.”

2.  And then I set this intention: “I intend that the right books, resources, people, ideas and knowledge drop into my life in exactly the right timing, and that I recognize them when they do.”

3.  I also took it very seriously, Friend. Learning to create my world consciously became my #1 priority. I set aside time every day to focus on my dreams, every week to look at my beliefs, and every month to take stock of where I was, where I wanted to be and what I had to do to get there.

And it paid off—it paid off big time.

You can do this too Friend. I know with absolute certainty that you can…because you already did.

With love and respect,

Your Future Self

P.S. I forgot…there was one more thing I did. I asked our Higher Self for help. You won’t believe what a difference that made!

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23 comments to " FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF "

  • Your Name

    Now retired from work but looking to create miracles .

  • Kimberly

    Hi You, Wow, I remember when the beauty that surrounds us on this amazing planet was so inspiring and I loved everything that I was doing everyday but lost those feelings trying to be something I wasn’t, Thank you for reminding me of what really matters, Love & Happiness Kimberly XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX (just cause you love hugs and kisses so much, the best is yet to come)

  • Irene

    I love the message and know it to be true in my heart for some time, now; I just need to believe it wholeheartedly in my mind and do the work consistently. Bonnie, thanks a lot for reminding me.

  • Ed Lawless

    Thank you so much ☺️ I need you more than ever ♥️♥️

  • Lesie

    always love the perfect reminder, thank you

  • Daniel

    Hi Boni, I just want to let you know that I Love you, Thank you so much for coming into my life

  • Amon

    Am Humbled and grateful fo da cute & inspirational MaIls
    kip dem cum’n 1 love.

  • Jen

    Love this!! Thank you!

  • Maraki

    I absolutely Love it…….thank you

  • Marci

    So inspiring! Thank You!

  • Trudy

    Thank you for the inspiring message!

  • Penny

    Thanks for the message I have been dreaming of all the past failed relationships all resulting in betrayal on their part trying to figure out if its me all the same pattern having a difficult time trying to understand why I’m even here as far as relationships go I married them all 4 all done now. Can’t get my head around the map read it heard it several times get started then it all stops & I lose faith

  • Marilena

    Dear Boni
    Thank you so much for all these lovely e-mails. Each and every one came exactly at the right time, with exactly the words I needed to hear!
    I will read “The Map” once again, and I’ll recommend it to all my friends!
    You are such a lovely human being and I love your e-mails! Thank you!

  • Grateful....soul in awe of life.

    thank you so much Bonni, I have been waiting for message from my unseen friends since last two days and today while I was seeking divine help got this message so grateful to you.. thank you so much.

  • Christine Sadler

    Thank you for taking the time to write. Always so grateful for the positive advice and help ♡♡♡

  • David

    A few months ago I wrote some affirmations in my journal and quietly handed them off to the Universe with no fanfare – just a firm sense that everything is in good hands :) Here is what I had written:

    1. I am so thankful for having discovered the law of attraction and that I am inspired daily to write more and give more to the world through the web and my personal interactions. I, with gratitude, gladly choose and and accept this and more!

    2. I am so thrilled and grateful that my website is so popular and is being visited by more than 1000 visitors per week! I am extremely happy that it is being used and enjoyed by so many! I, with gratitude, gladly choose and accept this and more!

    Now I feel like I am my future-self reading this! I love it!! And I can’t wait to hear more from my future-future-self! Keep up the amazing work Boni!

  • Dee

    Thank you so much. I’ve been getting there slowly. Certain pleasant uncanny surprises have occurred. However, occasionally I have to be in the company of a person that has caused me considerable unhappiness in my life. This is mainly at birthday events of some family members. One of these occasion s was last night. I have tried be friendly with her and so have others tried with her but she continues to create bad feeling. Today I feel I have taken ten steps back rather than forward. Therefore your message has come at the right time. Thank you again.

  • paula

    Thanks for the great inspirational message at the right time I needed to feel the support for my new venture in my life

  • tri

    Thank you so much. I am happy to have been introduced to this site. It is refreshing to receive these inspiring messages.

  • leslie

    Love all the messages from you future self. thank you

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