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Hello there,

You know how it feels when you have a nightmare, and it seems so real and then you wake up—and you are so relieved it was just a dream?

Whether you love or hate your current life (or somewhere in between), it’s still a dream. And it is possible to wake up inside the dream and choose what happens next.

You see, your physical reality really is a dream—and you are the dream-er and the dream-ee all at the same time.                                            

Do you desire more abundance? Dream it into being!

Do you seek more friendship and love? Why not?

Do you aspire to more fun, creativity and joy? As much as you can imagine can be yours!

This dream is your dream, Friend! There are no limits in dreams. If you can truly imagine yourself in a life that is overflowing with everything wonderful, then you absolutely can create that life.

And I am here to assist.

You see, to truly become great at creating a life filled with abundance, love and happiness, you must learn to follow your inner guidance (that’s me).  Because I can see which road will bring you to your dream, but you cannot. I can guide you and keep you headed towards wonderful realities, whereas you cannot see that far into the future.

But you must be still enough to hear my voice. I speak slowly and quietly—almost a whisper and slower than a snail. And you need to slow down in order to listen.

Meditation is a wonderful tool for listening to me. As are long walks alone in nature, journaling sessions in solitude or even staring out the window, listening to gentle, relaxing music.

When you imagine the life of your dreams, and give me a chance to guide you to that life, you will truly be accomplishing what you came here to do—and I will have the opportunity to assist you.

I love you so deeply,

Your Soul

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22 comments to " FROM YOUR SOUL "

  • Franziska Puschmann

    I love all of your messages, they are always so true everytime I receive them. And they are also so empowering and heartwarming, just love them. Thank you so much. With love. Franziska. ????

  • Kimberly

    Soul-I love that I am getter closer and closer to you everyday, I have so wanted to ‘make love by day and by night, in summertime and wintertime and let go of the rest, the vanity, illusion and waste. I am feeling the connection more with everything in nature and asking for help from my angels/guides/higher self with the rest. This is an amazing planet, though I am so glad I have you and am awakening. Lots of Love & Light, I Love you, my true self, earth name Kimberly

  • Nikita

    Its such a beautiful message, almost brought tears in my eyes. So loving and caring

  • Abdul Hakim Ali El Shabaz

    I love the messages you send me and I will be sure to take heed to your wisdom

  • Addy

    Dearest Subconscious Mind,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful reminder, as always you are right. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job all these years of storing all the information, you have such a powerful pen, a double edged sword. Thank you for keeping track of all the changes I have been going through.

    I am glad you are noticing and witnessing all of the changes I have been and am going through, you know that I am no stranger to dreaming dreams and welcoming change as fools might go where angels tread.

    You are absolutely correct, I could do some sprucing up, out with the old and, in with the new and better, time to see the vistas again, time to soar to the mountain top again and take the next steps into the clouds.

    Time to do more polishing so the light will shine bigger and brighter than ever before.

    With deepest gratitude to all higher Powers,


    PS Calling on all Angels, Guides and Higher Powers including Higher Self

  • Dee

    Thanks once again. Always something in your messages that relates to my situation. I definitely am one of those that need to slow down and listen . Thanks again xx

  • swarna

    yes, i am really ready to go to soul way to live my dream life . Thank you very much for this email. thank you thank you thank you.

  • Christine

    Absolutely love your enlightenment. Thank you and bless you.

  • Sharin

    I love this email. Simply beautiful.

  • Mary

    I love you so much for what you send my way. This last year has been so hard. And if you knew how many times your words make my day better, then you would know how much I love you for sharing your words, your heart with me. I went into class with all good intentions, and I had my book and had it coil bound and laminated. Then my life fell apart. I lost my great grandson, James.And his mother my grand child, was at work but was blamed for being neglectful. She had been trying to help a young woman who had no where to live, and that young woman was to watch her little boy while, she was at work. And she was to watch the young woman’s little boy when she had visitations.And my grand child did do her part. So, this entire year has been so hard. We have not gotten beyond this. So, like a parched dessert my soul longs to hear from you, and I have tried to go forward again with ” the map”. I need it so much. Just wanted to say thank you, and please don’t stop. Mary

  • Kem

    Just what I needed to hear today to quiet my mind xoxo

  • Larry Oswalt

    Love it!!!

  • joycekatherine

    Dear Soul, thank u very much!

  • Debbie

    What a blessing to receive this this morning. Thank you from the bottom of my being.

  • Eva Russell

    I love the book “the Map” and these messages are wonderful. I am seeing signs regarding my dreams and how I can dream bigger and better dreams. Answers are being provided through expansion of consciousness and the exercises in the book. Thank you.

  • mandy Frederick

    Thank you soo much! I love your messages! You are truly a blessing and a inspiration! I look forward to reading more and it has helped so much in my life! You are by far my favorite and I share your words,messages and books all the time!

  • candace bradshaw

    thank you so much for the encouraging words. I prayed last night for my life to become happier, healthier and something amazing to happen. I hope this will happen. just so happy you’ll be beside me every step of the way.

  • Patricia

    I needed this eloquent words today. Thank you!

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