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Hello there,

I want you to know I’ve noticed you’re having some different thoughts and feelings lately. You are thinking with more possibility. You are feeling more self-confidence.

These new thoughts and feelings WILL have a positive impact on your reality, Friend. It’s simply the way the world works.

But don’t forget about what you’ve stored in the cracks and crevices of me—your subconscious mind. Well, I really don’t have to even tell you that…because your reality will SHOW you that.

But in case you have a momentary lapse in memory, and start to blame anything at all outside of you for things you don’t like in your life, rest assured, it all comes back to me—your subconscious mind (and you, of course, who directs me, your subconscious mind).

Because what you put into me gets reflected back to you as your reality. So, no matter how much you change your thoughts and feelings (even though that IS critically important) if you ignore what goes on in your subconscious (i.e. your beliefs), not much will really change without a whole lot of struggle—and even then, not completely.

Just thought you’d like to remember how it really works—and how much power you REALLY have.

In happy servitude,

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. I also store every memory you’ve ever had here—some of them are SO funny! Stop by for a visit, Friend, and after we’ve changed some beliefs we can watch the videos!

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