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Hello there,

So many on your planet don’t have a clue as to who their guardian angel is. But you do Friend. And I hear you each and every time you call out to me.

Even though I am always near you…when you mentally connect with me I can then do things for you. I can be of help. I love to be able to help you! But I cannot interfere in your life without your request (angel rules).

So please, Friend, call on me more often. Think of me before you go to sleep, think of me the first thing in the morning, or throughout your day when you’d like some support, guidance or assistance (like right now for example).

And ask…ask for my help. Tell me in your mind what you need, want, desire. Tell me what you’d like help healing or hearing. Tell me what emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states of being you aspire to. I can help you, but not until you ask.

Just a gentle reminder, dear one.

I love you…from here to eternity,

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. And remember, no request goes unanswered.

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16 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

  • Shelly

    Dear Guardian Angel,

    Words cannot express how wonderful it is to get your emails and how they always seem to be so timely. Thank you from my 💜 to yours! I really appreciate today’s ,message of a reminder to ask.

    Hugs and love,

  • Noemi LeNette Rentas

    Thank you so much for the reminder! I love these messages. I look forward to reading them because they always have kind and gentle words that yet are powerful and moving. Of course, in the right direction for living a life you love ♥️ Light, love, and blessings to you all.

  • Sheila

    Sweet reminder… as Im in the process of finding a new home for my critters and I. As I embark on a trip in April and as I figure out who is truly my most compatible life part.

  • Nichole M

    Theses messages come when I need them most! Thank you for being so kind, caring and thoughtful. You’re beautiful and selfless.

  • Natasha caines

    Thank u for ur messengers I always get them when I really need it the most I need ur help because I finally met someone I like but I don’t know if he is really serious about me his name is odane newby and I really like him I jus don’t know if he is being serouis or jus messing around

  • Ana

    Love love love The messages !! Thank you so much they lift my spirits !!!!!

  • dee

    Thank you what a lovely uplifting message

  • Tessa

    Always on target – here comes another vital message….how did you know?

  • Your Name

    Needed this today, thank you!

  • Penny Gamble-Williams

    This message arrived right on time. I feel the energy and the blessings right now. Thank you so much! <3

  • Pia

    It warmed my heart to read this as it arrived in a moment when i was feeling down and sad and this letter reminded me of you my guardian angel. . this was a nice tap on my conscience. ..love it

  • Rose

    forgot to say email comments thank you

  • Rose

    it would be wonderful if you could tell me what your heavenly name is so I can call to you by name. just hoping thank you Rose

  • Bob

    Love this message, this is the best. I so often forget to ask. Thank you.

  • Carol

    Thank you!!

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