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Hello there,

A soul’s work is never done. I celebrate every one of your triumphs, and yet I want more for you. More love, more success, more fulfillment and more joy. And I guide and guard your way to the next triumph, and the next and the next.

And when you fall, as you will, I am there at those low points too—holding your hand and tenderly cradling your heart.

You won’t be perfect, dear Friend. You are human. But if you love all of you, even your imperfections—if you forgive yourself for falling short, you will create more success.

I know you have been taught to chastise yourself for your mistakes. But realize those who taught you that were wounded themselves. It does no good whatsoever to shame, ridicule or berate yourself when you falter.

Instead, love yourself even more. Because that is when you need the love the most. And simply be curious—“Hmmmm….I wonder why I did that?”

Then choose again.

Signing off without leaving you, and always, always loving you,

Your Soul

P.S. And while you are at it, dear Friend, forgive others for their imperfections too. As the wise entity Lazaris has said, “You don’t have to forgive WHAT they did…but do forgive WHY they did it.” For they, too, were damaged.

P.P.S. Remember, you don’t need to let those you are forgiving back into your life—unless you want to. But forgiving (at least the WHY) will give YOU a gift…of freedom.

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