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Hello there,

You have played this game on earth more times than you might imagine. Part of the game, of course, is that you forget. And you have forgotten really well.

However, there is and always has been a part of you that remembers. That part remembers who you (really) are. That part remembers that you have unlimited power to create anything you desire. That part remembers your majesty, your divinity and your grace.

You can reconnect with that part of you, any time, any place. Simply be still, close your eyes, and call upon me. I will help you remember who you are dear Friend.

And prepare to be amazed.

Also be prepared to confront your fear. You have always thought your fear is that you are insignificant…when truly your fear is realizing how significant you really are. You wonder if you can handle it. You wonder if you are up to the task. You wonder if it really can be true.

Friend, you can. You are. And it is.

I love you…without condition, and without end,

Your Soul

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27 comments to " FROM YOUR SOUL "

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