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Hello there,

You think I don’t know who you are…. but I do.

I know every breath you take. I know every laugh you laugh. I know every tear you shed.

When you breathe, I breathe with you. When you laugh, I smile in glee. When you cry, my heart breaks.

Yes, I love you as deeply and purely as is possible to love. I love you enough to let you make mistakes, hurt yourself and others, and even ruin your life. I love you enough to let you experience what you want to this lifetime, and to learn the lessons you so want to learn.

I abide by your wishes Friend. I don’t interfere when you are playing this game on the earth plane, unless you ask. Unless you ask.

But that never, ever means I’m not here.

Loving you (unconditionally),


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8 comments to " From God "

  • Solomon

    Thank you lord for being there all throughout my life journey!


    Thank you…..This Beautiful Message made me so happy tonight……..

  • dhiana

    This morning, when I saw this message from God I recognized that I have been deleting God. As much as I claim to be in this holy relationship, I wasn’t. I rarely open one of God’s emails. Too busy. Later today around noon when cleaning The Upper Room, my personal practice space up the hill beside the stream of Living Water near The Throne of God in The Shepherd’s Garden, God spoke quietly in my heart: Relax. Let me heal you. Thank you, God, for being here in this message working through this human vessel who is doing your work on this earth as holy service. Heaven on Earth is being created through this service.

    • Beautiful Dhiana. xo

    • Deepak Agrawal

      Thankyou so very much my dearest god. Pls help me I need you in every breath of the life you’ve given me. I need you.. I need you.
      Gratitude for all the good things you’ve bestowed upon me.You are very kind, most loving.

  • Charlington

    Something great I always dream
    I’m glad with short message of u. thanks a lot. I appreciate u makes me fill alive again.

  • Edie Lu

    I do read and appreciate days you even about five years out

  • Kimberly

    Thank You, I am Always longing for that connection, in everything that I do. I remember you in my very being, yet I have not found it easy navigating. I am so Grateful for the Angels and Guides you have sent to Light the way home. I Love You.
    Be Though With Me Lord I Pray, Throughout The Night Until The Day, Then Dear Lord Be With Me Still I Will Never Leave Thee. Love & Light Always Kimberly

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