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Hello there,

You keep forgetting, don’t you? The marvelousness of you. You, dear one, are one of My most exquisite creations—don’t you know that?

I understand it’s difficult to remember. You live in a place where you’re encouraged to forget. You’re led to believe you’re a mere mortal. And you end up disowning your spectacular creative abilities. But they are still there. They are still real.

And I am real. If you reach out to me…I will be there. Just imagine…My arms of light reaching out to you, and you reaching out to Me. Imagine Me embracing you with pure light—pure love.

And imagine…the love you feel, the love I surround you with…awakening you…causing all that is “not you” to drop away. Allow My love to fill you with so much peace, safety, love and trust, that you will be forever changed.

And then know… I am not just your imagination. Yes, you use your imagination to connect with Me, but the connection itself is real. As is the love I feel for you.

Loving you always and forever,


P.S. What would you dream, dear Friend, if you absolutely knew you could make anything you dream come true?

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15 comments to " FROM GOD "

  • Crystal Kormos

    This was so beautiful. I was reminded just how loved I am by God. Thank You :)

  • Shiela

    Thank you. <3

  • Mama G

    Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder even as I believe and walk with God daily, there are deeper levels of longing and loving and letting go and letting God take it all for me.

  • Pam

    Beautiful and just what I needed. Thank you

  • JOANNE Karmik

    I love this …..

  • Anita

    This message was needed today, so thank you for this loving message!

  • Wayne

    I Love the message, it came when I needed it. Thank You very much

  • Joy

    I love the message. Thank you so very much.

  • Joanne Karmik

    I really needed this today……. Thank You……

  • Karla Wagoner

    I am Grateful!

  • Andrea Rodts

    Thank you so much for the reminder.

  • Christine

    For the past few weeks, my mantra has been: trust the timing of your life, which has in turn made me more willing to trust God. The part of the letter that says, “imagine the love that you feel, the love I surround you with…awakening you…causing all that is not you to drop away”. I really feel like that is starting to happen–I’m not trying so hard anymore, and life is coming to me. Knowing that I can make anything I dream come true: I’m a happily married mother of three: a set of boy/girl twins, and a boy. Our family lives on Bainbridge Island off the coast of Seattle. I work from home on a part-time schedule managing social media campaigns and social media strategy for a great company that pays me a fantastic salary with benefits. My husband earns abundantly as well. We mostly draw expenses from our successful investment portfolios and have accounts for vacation, emergency, education, retirement, and fun! My husband and I are truly in love and we take time once a week just for us. Our children get to sail, swim, learn and enjoy fantastic lives as they juggle small-town living with big-city opportunities just across the water in Seattle. Overall I feel really blessed–I’m truly living the life I love!

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