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After a prolonged period of puttering, the creative magical juices began to stir. I had been in the same career for over half my life and needed to reinvent my world to fit in with my present circumstances, wants, needs, and dreams! Where did I begin? What did it look like? How could I earn enough money and still have the time to be available to play, enjoy my grandchildren, pursue my interests in art and cooking, have time to be a magician, and just putter?
My sweet friend Boni sent me an advanced copy of ” The Map”. I read one thing that really hit home and helped to pry me from my very stuck place:

I had been so caught in the “details” that I was too paralyzed to create anything beyond more questions. What I read in “The Map” gave me the freedom to get out of my paralysis and simply “feel what it would feel like to have all that I desired” – no need to know what it looked like, or how it would occur.

The universe began to deliver in grand ways, an e-mail from a long time associate which led me to a new career path that would have previously intimidated me. It felt right, and I went for it. I will have made more money in one quarter than I did in a whole year, with ease, elegance, and time, for all that I feared might be lost in my want for more financial success and creativity. Thank you, Boni, all my unseen friends, and God, Goddess, All That Is.

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