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We came to the hill country June 3 to look for a new home. We have already manifested a beautiful home and studio while literally living in the desert for the last 40 years. Since arriving here, while reading The Map and my belief and intentions lists twice a day, I have found heart shaped rocks nearly every single day! I believe that the earth is telling me…”I love you too!” and that these stones are evidence from my angels of their presence. I have experienced more happiness lately than is usual for me, and I wake with joy in the awareness of how very blessed I am. Yesterday, a kindred spirit gave me some fossils and promised to go fossil hunting with me! Another kindred spirit in the rock shop needed money and offered a beautiful crystallized brain coral he had found for me to buy, which I gladly did. Win/win! Magic is happening all around me!

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    Update: 5 months went by, so, so slowly it seemed, as we diligently looked in over 60 homes for sale and searched the internet daily for new listings. We considered raw land, not really wanting to build from scratch, but just not finding anything even close to what we really wanted. We nearly bid on a barndominium, reasoning that we could live there and build our dream home. Also, we began bidding on a home way, way over what we had originally intended to spend, until on the same day I realized that what appealed to me the most about that house was that we could move into it easily without downsizing or even painting, but that I didn’t love it, my husband fell in love with a piece of raw land (but which was priced way over market value). People told us they had looked for 3, 5, even 10 YEARS before they’d found their lovely homes. Unexpectedly, the landlord where we were renting gave us a week and a half notice that she was moving back into her house (as our roommate if we couldn’t make other arrangements). Not only could we not find another rental in the town we wanted to live in, we couldn’t even find an available storage unit! 2 days before came back to our home (in the desert) to begin packing and to put it on the market, on a Sunday afternoon, we went into a beautiful, well built home with many of the features on our “dream home” list, in our price range, near the town we want to be in and even closer to the airport my husband needs for work. The home had some features I had on my “do not want” list, but at the end of my “dream home list” I had added “this, or something better”. (I had pinned pictures on Pinterest in a file called “house to be” & it is amazing how many of the features in this particular house are in that file!) We have a signed contract to close on our 30th wedding anniversary, November 19. This, or something better, indeed!

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