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Hi Everyone!

I purchased “The Map” last week and during my first reading I was intrigued by the “Blending With Your Higher Self” technique. I absolutely believe we create our reality and I’ve been working with angels for about a year now, but I’ve never considered a “higher self”.

Before going to sleep that evening, I did a progressive relaxation and when I felt totally relaxed I descended a staircase to a beautiful garden and sat on a swing…I told my higher self that I would love to “meet” and asked for a sign that she was there. A beautiful woman with long blonde hair, flowing white robes and an amulet on her forehead walked out of the trees and told me her name was Leah and she was my higher self. She sat with me on the swing and we held hands and just sat quietly together for a few minutes. Then she was gone, and I came out of the meditation. What an AWESOME experience! I was SO amazed!

I will certainly be working with my unseen friends all the time from now on! I hope this story encourages every one of you!

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