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One of my biggest challenges is my financial situation right now. (Debts) Well I can tell you that I am really excited and very happy because I have been receiving signs from our beautiful Universe. So far I have found 4 pennies in 4 different days. Today I found my 4th penny in the parking lot of a CVS store right on the side of my car on the drivers side. I also found 6 dollars in my pants that I was going to wash, that filled me with excitement and joy. The last penny and the 6.00 dollars I found today. I feel very abundant and joyous because I can see some changes in life already. This is a wonderful experience. I have been doing the one minute manifestor plus I have changed a lot of my beliefs and also I have been doing my intentions too. I already read the whole book. The book is amazing is like having you here right next to me guiding me. Boni, Thank you once again for all your love and support. With all my love and gratitude, Yolanda

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