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Like so many Americans, I was upside down in my mortgage. SO upside down I didn’t think I’d ever dig my way out. And then, I wanted to move out of state. “Now what?” I thought. How can I move when I owe so much money? I had a first and second loan with a 3 party investor. I consulted with an attorney who said, “There is not way the bank that held the 2nd will forgive the loan. They will either want a lot of money or hold me responsible for the term of the loan.

I decided to let the universe figure that one out. I flowed energy towards my move and a happy resolution with the house. It took twists and turns I couldn’t have imagined. I found the perfect buyer, I received approval from the bank that held the first, and today, the bank that held the 2nd called, and they have forgiven the debt totally and I do not have to pay them a cent. How did this happen? Magic. THIS is the way the universe works. I believed it could happen. I imagined it happening. And it happened!

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