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I live in a typical suburban, single family home neighborhood. You know, the ones that have houses that back up to each other, and you have only a 5 foot high fence separating your yard from your neighbors yard. I love my house, I love my neighborhood … I did NOT love my neighbors.

All of the people who live on each side of our home are wonderful – but the ones behind us are not wonderful. Let me clarify, they were decent people – waved when they saw us out, and mainly kept to themselves. It was their two dogs that were the problem.

The home they live in is a rental. These folks were rarely home (which is usually awesome right?)but their two dogs were ALWAYS home … and ALWAYS outside. Now, I live in Colorado so the summers get blazing hot, and the winters are frigid cold. Not always ideal conditions for a small terrier type dog, and a giant husky. Well, the husky loved the cold, but the heat was dangerous for this fur covered dog.

These poor dogs live in that backyard 24/7. That said, they got bored – so they would bark, and yap, and if we went in our yard, they would run over to the fence and jump all over it. The husky was so tall I would see his face squarely when he would jump up! This would happen several times a day. I have a 3 year old that is in the yard whenever he can escape out there, and these dogs would go NUTS when he was out there.

One day I peered over the fence to see what kind of damage they were doing to our shared fence, and I was horrified. There were scratch marks digging into the wood and literally shredding it to pieces. This was not good news.

I wanted to change this situation – and as fast as possible. That is when I set the intention that I needed new neighbors. Neighbors with no dogs, or if they did have dogs, non-wreckless dogs with good dog owners who took good care of them. I got my husband on board – two energies toward a like intention means quicker results right?

Our intention was set and we would talk about how it would be when our new neighbors would move in, and how quiet it would be in our yard, and how our fence would stay standing with no cost to us to replace it.

Mind you, we didn’t know what the lease agreement was for this house behind us so we didn’t have any idea if they had signed on to live there for many years or one or 10!

After about 2 months of being consistent on this intention, we walked out in our yard one evening to see the backyard totally clean (and quiet), all the blinds drawn in the house and a cleaning crew inside tidying up. I shouted inside to my husband to take a glimpse at what I thought to be a vacant house behind us. Confirmed… it was empty and they were gone.

We flowed energy toward the intention of getting tenants behind us that were pleasant, clean, and good dog owners if they had them (preferably they had none, remember?). Three days later we watched new neighbors move in behind us… and to our delight, NO DOGS!

We had done it… we created new neighbors – and they are exactly what we ordered!

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