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Hello there,

It is easy to become disenchanted with life, isn’t it? One day follows the next—same ‘ol, same ‘ol. You get caught up in the day-to-day demands and details of life and you forget.

You forget that life is magical. You forget that you are magical. You forget that it’s downright crazy to wait for good things to happen.

You have to MAKE good things happen, Friend.

Yeah,  you do forget that. But that’s okay—because every single day is a new day. And every single day you have a chance to create your world all over again! How cool is that, I ask you?

So, Friend, what are you waiting for? It’s time to engage me—know what I mean? I want to get excited with you! I want to come alive with you! I want to jump to the rooftops with the thrill of life and with the anticipation of new dreams coming true!

I am here—ready to work with you—ready to be delighted at the mere aspect of a new dream being born. But dearest heart, you have to dream it first.

No—you don’t have to know exactly what it will look like—the universe handles those details.

But you do need to begin to imagine your ideal life. You do need to begin to feel how it will feel, when you are excited to get up every morning, when you feel fully and completely loved, when abundance overflows like a never-ending river and when your life is filled with ease, elegance, magic and miracles.

YES! You can have that life, Friend. But again, it won’t just happen. You need to make it happen. And I am here to (excitedly) help. IMAGINE it! FEEL it! And EXPECT it to manifest!

SO enthusiastically yours,

Your Spirit

P.S. I understand it will take a while to build this super-awesome life of yours, Friend. But if you don’t take a step towards it today, when will you?

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26 comments to " FROM YOUR SPIRIT "

  • Jack Williams

    Please discontinue emails to this address…..Jack has passed on to the perfect realm of health.
    Thank you for all of the encouragement through the years.
    Jack’s widow Diana

  • Kimberly

    Hi – You mean the world to me, You are The World to me, I LOVE YOU, how beautiful it is here, the sky is in the heavens, the birds are in the trees and delicious food (endless varieties) in the kitchen, do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight. I have enjoyed so much though there is so much more I would love to see, I want more LOVE & HAPPINESS for myself and people all over the world, I LOVE YOU, Love & Light, Kimberly

  • Heddey

    Thank you my spirit friend!I’m grateful for words a message

  • Jackie Hoerner

    Thank you so much sweet soul! These words are so inspiring! Yesterday, I was out in nature and you Ma’am came to my mind out of no where. I thought to myself, I have not received any of her inspiring messages from Spirit, Higher self or angels for some time now. Which is quite alright, because I am truly grateful for the messages that you have sent me in the past. I open up my email today and noticed that I received another one of your inspiring messages. Wow! So interesting how this happened. Many God blessings for you and everyone on this planet and beyond! I love everyone!

  • Vishnu

    True we r connected deeply with each other that is why you know me and what is going in my life I promise you that I will chang my life . Thank you.

  • Trudy

    Dear Spirit, I am so grateful for these words of encouragement.

  • Andria

    Thank you kind, loving & supporting words. I love these messages – they are the epitome of love & support.

  • Cynthia

    I don’t know how you do it, but you have hit the nail on the head. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now at this exact time. I have been missing that excitement I used to feel. I always lived with an anticipation that something great was right around the corner and I fully enjoyed what was right in front of me as well. I haven’t been myself in quite some time. I have lost myself and have felt that my best days were passed and there wasn’t much to look forward to in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been giving up far too soon. It is never to late to have fun, love, enjoyment, spiritual experiences, and even love (of a significant other). Nothing is impossible. In fact, all things are possible. I will begin to believe again. Believe in myself, my God and other people. There is good in this world and it is waiting to be acknowledged. I just need to open my eyes and my heart. There is really nothing to loose and everything to gain.

  • Syama

    I love it! Thank so much, yesterday was a difficult day and today true this massage I got the perfect anwerd. Thank you again….

  • Nicole

    Let’s start dreaming today enjoying this awesome life today, thank you. X

  • Darlene

    Thankyou so much SPIRIT!!!! For trying to get me motivated and moving!!!! I am dragging my feet. Not good when our whole future is depending on me taking action!!!!! I definitely needed encouragement right now so thankyou!!!! Here goes!!!!!!!!

  • Vee

    Thank you for your kind words it always push me to the next level I am so grateful thank you!

  • Leslie

    I look forward to these affirming and loving messages! With much gratitude and love.

  • Rick

    Exactly what i needed to hear, exactly when i needed to hear it! I needed the reminder that we should use our powers as co-creators everyday, and get excited! That its safe to get excited, because life truly is magical, and so are we! We just need to reach out with our magic wands, and God and the universe always reaches back!

  • MelloMel

    This message was beautiful!! Thank you. Just what I needed this morning.

  • Julia

    Thank you for your message. This is just what I need it.

  • Steven

    These messages are such a blessing and a reminder of who I really am. It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind, as you are in the midst of waiting for things to manifest–especially if you’re still struggling with and actively overcoming a spirit of lack and poverty. Thank you for such encouraging and life-giving words!

  • missy

    These are amazing. I look forward to them every week!

  • Beatrice

    It was wonderful hearing from you. you are correct, I need the start recreating my happy, positive, and passionate life. Something that has taken too long to do . Knowing that you are there with me I feel all things are possible to achieve and I look forward to my new life.

  • I love these messages and how they are just what I need when I need to hear it. I wrote a blog post today for Drink Wine and Giggle and am amazed at how similar the message is to this one. Clearly the universe bringing us all together in its magical way. Thanks for providing inspiration that is much needed.

  • Dee

    Thank you so very much. With love from Dee x

  • Chrystine

    I’m taking baby steps to my new life that I want to create and live. I’ve rented my own place and starting the move process and leaving a 33 year marriage. I want to live an adventurous, passionate, positive, loving, healthy life and now is the time. Thank you for the support, manifestation, and vision of what can be and will be.

  • pitztop

    Thanks so much! I know these things but I needed to hear it again.

  • Yogibear52

    My Dearest Spirit,
    I am truly grateful for your kind words, which are really heartfelt. Thank you once again for all your love and support. Your message came right at the right time when I most need it. With all my Love and appreciation,

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