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Hello there,

Do you know that I can die? Unlike souls, who cannot die, spirits can perish. You’ve known people, haven’t you, who don’t have any “life” left in them? It’s sad.

And because I want to live, I have a favor to ask of you: Will you please follow your excitement a bit more?

Yes, yes, I know…sometimes you can’t follow your excitement. Your life “requires” actions of you that are not your highest excitement, like brushing your teeth and driving to work. (Well, it doesn’t really but that’s your belief right now…)

I also know you can follow your excitement much more often than you do. It’s easy, Friend. Instead of powering through your day, take a moment before you start anything new, and ask yourself, “Given all the possible things I could do right now, what would be the most exciting thing?”

And then, do it.

Once you begin giving yourself a choice to choose the more exciting thing, you will draw to you:

1.  More choices

2.  More exciting things

3.  More joy (from doing the most exciting thing), and

4.  More aliveness for me!!! (This one is my fav!)

Please, Friend, please take this seriously? If you begin this practice it will make a world of difference in your life.

Either way, I’ll still love you.

Forever in passion,

Your Spirit

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9 comments to " FROM YOUR SPIRIT "

  • Cindy

    I have lost my “excitement” for life. I’m lost in my soul, mind, spirit, and terribly lonely. I try to see “Joy” in the little things during the day, but I long to have someone to share Life’s Joys with….
    Thank you for these notes!

  • Donnamarie

    Sooooo …. right on Spirit … hmmm

  • Wendy

    Hello Spirit of Wendy,

    You’re beautiful.

    You’re fun.

    You’re exciting.

    You’re my road to bliss.

    You’ve got it goin’ on!

    And I’ve missed you.

    I know. You were always there. It was me who shut the door on you.

    Well, say hello. Because I’ve opened the door!

  • Your Name

    I appreciate these messages so much.Not only do they always seem relevant to me but they are perfectly timed.I feel in need of support at the moment when all seems hopeless. Thank you again..

  • Judith

    Thank you, Spirit! Enjoying and appreciating each moment in our lives is a choice.

  • Wendy

    Always a joy to read and remember! Perfect! Love and Gratitude!

  • Cheryl

    I appreciate “the gift” these messages bring…they always come at the right time and are so needed in my life right now. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Rodney Tate

    Yes especially at a time like this I’m at a down slope in my life in that just lift me up thank you so very much

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