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Hello there,

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes ride an emotional roller coaster? Some days it’s easy to stay happy and filled with positivity and yet other days it’s a struggle (if not impossible) to remain optimistic and excited about the future?

This doesn’t happen by accident, Friend. Although it would be easier, in a way, to pretend it does.

It happens because you haven’t directed your emotions. You wake up in the morning in a neutral emotional state, and then you’re swept away in whatever wave of thought or information comes your way—and with every thought, comes an emotion.

So if you wake up, thinking, “Ho hum, another day…” the emotion of apathy follows, or dread, or boredom, or something similar. Or if you think about your problems, or potential problems, or what isn’t going right, or the terrible state of the world, again, constricting emotions will follow.

And (you’ve got to remember this, Friend) emotions create your world. Literally!

But you can take control of your emotions. You can be proactive!

You can choose how your day will go by setting intentions early on.

I intend that this day is filled with joy, excitement, possibilities, fun surprises, passion, prosperity and productivity.

You can meditate and allow the emotions you desire to wash over you.

Peace, love, serenity, excitement, passion, hope, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, abundance, etc.

You can affirm how you desire to feel throughout the day.

I am happy and excited about my life and I am becoming happier and more excited every day.

And, you can…

Ask me and your other unseen friends for help in creating your day.

Dear Spirit, Please help me to hold the resonance of joy, hope and positive expectations. Thank you.

Your life isn’t happening to you, Friend, you are materializing your life. But it won’t start shifting to more positive realities by itself—you have to take back the reins and direct your thoughts and feelings to what you want.

Now, can we get excited about this super-awesome universe you’ve gotten yourself incarnated into? I can’t wait to see the amazing life you dream up.

With lots and lots (and lots) of love,

Your Spirit

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28 comments to " FROM YOUR SPIRIT "

  • Kimberly Spratt

    Dear Spirit, Please help me to hold the resonance of joy, hope and positive expectations.
    ____ Thank you. Kimberly

  • Paula

    Awesome motivational message. Thank you ♥️♥️♥️

  • Rbk

    Blessed and thankful to have read this message today, for I’ve been having not so great days lately in spite of being quite aware of the many things I love about my life….the time for conflicting emotions has come to an end!!! Thank you Boni -and Spirit- for the reminder.

  • Hildy

    Thank you for this wonderful message!

  • Nancy A Smith

    noooo coincidences. I was having an anxious morning. Asked the Universe if something was “wrong” with me, that I am unable to keep in flow. Annnnd…..the answer appears. EXTREMELY GRATEFUL. with much love and thanks

  • Jaz'Mere

    Thank you so much for this message! I really needed to here this today!

  • Angelica

    Thank you soo very much for this powerful message! I have been feeling very down lately and I wake up feeling very sad. But, your message has provided me with a very powerful message! thank you!

  • Anita

    Hi I thank you for this post. I so needed to hear this. Had some worrying things going on and this just pulled me up and redirecting me. Loving the intentions you have written down. Much appreciated xx

  • RazeCarla

    Boni -you have changed my life – I can’t thank you enough – from your messages , to the map , to the constant positive feel – because of you I’m beginning to live a life I love – letting go and allowing my unseen friends to guide me

    • Boni


      Thank you so so much. And I love your “picture” by the way. :)

      Congratulations for beginning to create a life you love. I am very very happy for you.



    Thank you sooo much for your Divine Magic. My dad had this thing he would say to the grand children, and it always ended with “love you lots and lots and lots ” and I’ve carried on the tradition. I was like hearing from him today …. love, love, love it.

  • Ovini

    This email came at the exact moment I needed, I only fully realised that it’s the emotions that the universe reacts to, hence why things may not go the way you thought it would but the same results cause you’d have the emotions that you pictured. I had that click! This reminder is exactly what I needed and I’m grateful for everything you do. Thank you. :”)

  • Kelsi

    I am very sensitive to energy and can get swept away in negatively if not in proper space. Thank you for this reminder that I am in control and my reaction to situations are what causes them to become negative or positive. Thank you!

  • Judith

    Again, with great appreciation… today’s message is encouraging, comforting, and I am looking forward to a Spirit directed day. Judy

  • Maria

    Thank you very uplifting and so very true!!
    Maria X

  • Shiela

    I am with so many of the earlier comments. Thank you. I really needed to read this message this morning. Yesterday was not a fun day. I felt almost crushed by it. This message, the words this morning have helped. Yes, thank you.

  • Susan

    Wow! I really needed this this morning. Some days I get so tired of trying to be strong again, which is what sets me down the blah road. This perfectly timed wake up call helped me to remember I have so much and I can be grateful and feel loved NOW. I will rest in this today! Thank you my unseen friend. ox

  • Yogini Kay

    Thank you for your weekly updates. You have been a great “re-minder” for me, for there are times my mind does wander and needs to be brought back to center. <3

  • Jim

    Thank you my unseen friend. I am so grateful for the reminder that by my thoughts and emotions, my universe is created. What a wonderful and positive way to begin my day.

  • Tanya

    Thank You so much, needed to read this and feel thus today. So much is going on right now in my life…this says it all and is right on spot with what I’m feeling. ❤

  • Debbie

    Very sweet! Thank you for that! So need. Feeling blessed!!!

  • Bob

    Great message, kinda describes my morning, I needed that reminder to bring me back, and focus me on creating the life I want.

  • Chris

    Hi.. I look forward to your emails every week and they always seem to be right on time. It’s as if you know me. I just wanted to say thank you.

    • Boni

      Thank you Chris. I really appreciate your taking the time to write. And I’m so happy that the emails touch you.

      xo Boni

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