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Hello there,

I know you don’t fully remember our meetings before you became physical this lifetime. But we had them—many of them.

We meticulously planned the energies you would incarnate with. We planned the strengths (and the weaknesses). We planned the challenges (and the ways you would overcome them). And we planned your destiny.

Ah, that word got your attention, didn’t it Friend? Destiny.

Yes, of course you have a destiny (I know you sometimes wonder about that). How do you tell if you’re living your destiny? Simple. Ask yourself these questions:

1.     Am I doing what excites me—as much as I possibly can?

2.     Am I enjoying each and every “now” moment as fully as possible?

3.     Am I listening to that quiet, still voice inside of me for direction and guidance?

Because, dear Friend, you were born with an internal guidance system that will absolutely unfold your destiny—should you follow it.

What will your destiny be like? Well, it may not be winning the next Pulitzer Prize or discovering the answer to the world’s energy crisis. But it is the life path that makes you the happiest, the wealthiest, that utilizes your skills and talents to the highest level possible and it is the path in which you can make the most difference in the world.

Another thing to remember—making a difference in the world doesn’t always show up visibly in the world.  Your energy of excitement, contentment, love, compassion and joy could be the catalyst for others to seek their joy, and through them, others to seek theirs, creating a wave of people bringing their greatest gifts to the planet.

The interesting thing is, you may never know that you had that impact. And it won’t matter. Because your destiny doesn’t include your ego—it can’t. If it did, it wouldn’t be your destiny.

So, go forth, have fun, follow your greatest excitement and listen—listen for me, guiding you all along the way.

With colossal love,

Your Soul

P.S. Oh, and one more thing Friend—your destiny isn’t a straight line. It’s more of a serpentine path. Trust that every twist and turn has a purpose. And if you stay aligned with those three little questions above, you will look back at the end of your life and say, “Ah, now it makes sense—and it all unfolded perfectly.”

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19 comments to " FROM YOUR SOUL "

  • Sharon Duffy

    Thank you. I am digesting it, and uploading, to apply it into my daily life. I appreciate your alerts, and I intend to follow your advice, fully. Love Sharon

  • Jan

    Thank you at a time I am in need of emotional and moral support.
    This letter made sense.
    A breast cancer survivor of 1 year a broken marriage after 20 years, a recently broken up 4 yr 6 months love of my life. Where are the positives? Where are the people who have suffered but pulled through it all ? Just reading this has helped me see a glimmer of light.
    Let the sunshine forever …,

    • Boni


      Plenty of people have overcome. Many, many more have wallowed in their self-pity and created more of the same. It’s your choice. Always. Have you read The Map?


    • Nancy

      Thank you very much. I am not doing more of what excites me. I am holding on…waiting for a breakthrough. I need and will let go….and look for the next highest thought….that makes me feel good….unclench my teeth and trust the process. I may not be where I want to be YET…..but I can ease myself and enjoy the ride. Than you, Thank you, Thank You. I needed to know that I am cared for., and your email did just that.

  • Marlene Scott

    Thank you for the inspiration <3

  • Olivia Darla!

    Thank you so much for this message. It is very timely for what’s now unfolding in my life.

  • Kathy

    Thank you so much for this. I am full of joy, life is exciting for me every day. I am doing a happy dance. Namaste

  • Ghasem ansari from tehran ,iran.

    HI dear , thank u very much.i love ur messages and website contentes.

  • tigerlily

    Thank you

  • Sandra

    Love these messages

  • Judith

    Such a wonderful reminder to stay mindful, follow our path, and know we are doing the right thing.

  • Linda

    Perfect timing and revelation for me. I have been studying ACIM and I have realized my inner guides and the importance of asking for spiritual guidance ever step of the way. Thank you for bringing me affirmation . I Love you

  • Sarah

    Wow, thank you! These three little questions clarify things for me in a way that many writings from many sources in the past have not! So simple and so wonderful! Oh my goodness … what a gift! Love & light to you … ♥

  • Gina

    Thank you for your inspiring messages; all signs point to the fact that I’m NOT living my destiny, however, I have to trust that right now I am where I am supposed to be for a reason. Thank you!

  • Deb

    Thank you so much for the inspiration! Showed up at the perfect time.

  • Mssharpe

    Thank you so much for that letter. If was beautiful. It made me feel so empowered and loved. You are something special. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  • leslie renee briscoe

    i so needed this message today -my mind and spirit continue to struggle and challenge if i am walking in my giftedness – doing what i was put here on earth to do! this was like a gift today – completely uplifting and needed – thank you!

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