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Hello there,

You are growing. You are changing. You are becoming more of who you really are and you are dreaming dreams you’ve never dared dream before.

And change is scary. The unknown can be terrifying. And dearest one, that’s okay.

There is a part of you that feels unable to move into your dream-filled future. That part of you feels inadequate, unworthy, and undeserving of a life overflowing with love, success, and abundance.

Don’t disown this part of you—its feelings are legitimate and its fears are real (to them). If you didn’t acknowledge that part of you, you would be repressing those emotions—and that never helps.

So let that scared “you” come to the surface—the “you” who is afraid the dream won’t manifest, or that if you do get the dream you won’t be able to keep it, or perhaps that something bad will happen to ruin it all.

Hold that “you” in your arms—perhaps they come as a little child, or a young teenager, or maybe even as a scared adult. And simply let them be afraid. Don’t try to convince them otherwise, just hold them in your unconditional love.

And then, let me enter your gentle visualization. I’d like to hold you both in my love, in my light. I’d like to melt the fear in both of your hearts. The love and safety I provide can dissolve the fear—both conscious and unconscious.

Then I will fill that newly empty place inside of you with excitement about your new life, with anticipation and expectation about your thrilling new future, and with joy over your dreams coming true.

Because, Friend, they are coming true. They truly are.

With the deepest, safest, truest unconditional love,

Your Soul

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20 comments to " FROM YOUR SOUL "

  • Nancy A Smith

    Such a wonderful, easy technique to deal with the negatives. Love it and appreciate the support. Thank you

  • Christina

    Thank you, i needed to hear this message today.

  • Kimberly Spratt

    Thank You, My Beautiful Soul, I Greatly Appreciate this message Today. Much Love & Appreciation Always Kimberly

  • Judy

    Thank you for these positive words of encouragement today. I am going through some very hard times in my marriage being accused of things that aren’t true. It may be hopeless to save our marriage at this point but I still hold a glimmer of hope as I am a very positive person. I am turning all issues over to god – as he knows what is best for me.

  • Delia

    Beautiful – resonated with me deeply.

  • Eli

    thank you , it’s awesome, when i read it i really got impressed

    loVe <3

  • Tiff

    I appreciate that you take the time out to inspire people like this. Thank you so much. I hope love comes to you and you love yourself more than ever.

  • Juliette

    You don’t know how much these messages mean to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Rev Janet Ellis

    Will you really? I so need to BELIEVE that! Even though I teach it as a Life Coach and speak as a Minister, this is one of hugest changes and transformations I have been through in a long time! I approach it with ease and grace, I am still human and mine is sometimes looking not so pretty…….. This has touched my heart to the point my eyes are over flowing. Thank you for the messages Soul keeper – you so touch my life which helps me touch others…….. My intention is to walk my talk and through transitioning it doesn’t always seem that I am doing that. Thank you for the safety to share with you. Who do the care takers get to talk with!?!

  • Christine

    Thank you for that beautiful message. Sending you love.

  • Helen

    I Love the Message. Thank you!

  • Guylaine

    Just what I needed to hear today! And such a deep feeling of love arose from the words Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    how i have dreamed uncosciously for this very moment all these years and am so excited at last it has come true to me and for me consciously.What a great future ilook forwrd to in your guidance and Guardianship in your sacred and universal Hands.Thank You

  • Lorna Pretorius

    Yes, thank you. I love it. Keep me safe please and hold me tight and never let me go, until I feel I am ready to move.

  • Sharon


  • Ken

    I receive this unconditional love and allow my fear of the unknown to dissolve in its’ presence! In the light of this love, I approach the future with wonderful feelings of anticipation and gratitude for the beautiful things that are about to manifest in my life! : )

  • Hale

    I love you, dear soul. I trust you are helping me the best you can. I am so excited for what I want. I sometimes get frustrated that it’s not here yet. Please help me through these times with ease. Thank You.

    • tri

      Thank you for your help. Your inspiring messages are always on time. Tuesdays message sent a bit of a chill down my spine. Very on point. Thank you.

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