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Hello there,

Do you realize how many of your dreams have “almost” manifested? Dreams you allowed yourself but then pulled back on—dreams you didn’t think you were good enough for—dreams you were so impatient for that you pushed them away.

Quite a few, dear one, quite a few.

And that is fine. You are on this planet to learn to manifest your dreams, so of course you’d have a few that fell short.

But realize, Friend, it is nothing “out there” that is the “reason” they didn’t manifest. It is you. It is always you. You don’t have to pull back. You are good enough. You can learn patience.

Dreams take time—they take time because you set it up this way—to give you ample opportunity to fall short without suffering. Time lag (the time between your energy and your manifestation) simply is.

I am writing to you today because you are more ready than ever before to take responsibility for your energy (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) and to create those dreams you hold so dear.

But you must hold hope in your heart. So go back to one of those dreams that didn’t manifest—something you wanted but didn’t receive—and give that “self” the dream. That’s right. Go into meditation and give that self what they wanted.

And feel their joy, their excitement, their belief in themselves (and you). Then bring that feeling back to the here and now—and dream your dream.

Be patient, dear Friend. You are far more powerful than you realize.

With unending love,

Your Soul

P.S. You can do this for other “yous” who had disappointments too. It will free your energy to put it towards your current dreams. You are getting closer, Friend, you really are.

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22 comments to " FROM YOUR SOUL "

  • Evelyn

    Thank you, your timing is always perfect.

  • Kem

    Thank you, just what I needed to hear today!

  • Rita Reynolds Ludwiczak

    I’ve given up on so many dreams…well tried many different careers that didn’t work out. I’m 62 and quit grad school in VA, 5 years ago because it was too expensive. Moved to TX thinking I would get residency and go to a state school for much less. I got distracted with Real Estate work which didn’t work out either and now I am at a crossroads. My GRE test scores may not be valid anymore so…..will investigate or find a new dream. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  • Yolanda

    My Dearest Soul,
    Thank you so much for you wonderful message. Let me tell you that you are right. I just need to relax a little more so I can flow more energy toward my dreams so they can manifest with ease and elegance. I thank you once again for all your love and support.
    With all my abiding love

  • philip

    Thank you.

  • Rooksana

    thank you, the timing is perfect, so needed to hear this


    Thank You <3

  • Your Name

    Thank you so much for this well needed message

  • Kathy

    You have no idea what this meant to me today..My dreams..I have them up almost 15 years ago,I’ll be 60 in June..I’m here for everyone but myself..I don’t know how to be a woman anymore..mother,grandma,great grandma,daughter ,friend (sort of) but I have up..thank you so much…Blessings Kathy

  • Alex

    I’m deeply happy and grateful to be a receiver of all of your precious messages.
    I send you back all my thanks and praises.

    With all my Love,


  • Girish

    Thank you very much, I’ am reading “The Map” now :)

  • Andrea

    Thank you for the pep talk. Just what I needed today…as always!

  • Leslie

    Love all of the messages. thank you so much for doing this.

  • Christina

    Thank you for your letters of hope. But right now my spirit has been broken. And mostly because i let that happen. And all because i kept believing in the saying everything happens for a reason. Or because it was meant to be. Well neither of them are true. Because it wouldn’t hurt so bad when you find that; that’s

  • Maria

    Thank you, such a beautiful and encouraging message :)

  • Tina

    I don’t get these all the time, but when do…it’s always at the right time. Thank you

  • Shweta Thakkar

    Thank you my dearest soul and all my unseen friends!! These messages hive me lot of strength and courage. Thanks to the author who wrote these messages….

  • Linda Graziano

    Just what I needed to hear today! Thank you for the encouragement!

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