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Hello there,

These are challenging times—for you, for those you love, for humanity. And despite the sensationalism, the fear, and the perceived or far-too-real threats, it’s crucial to remember that you are powerful.

You know that, of course, on one level. But now it’s time to let it in on a deeper level. It’s time to get serious about creating the life you really want.

Now, there are many possible ways this pandemic could play out—infinite ways, actually. It could be your worst nightmare, or your greatest gift. I know that you want it to be your greatest gift. As do I.

So, let’s create that together, shall we? Here are my suggestions, dear Friend, to shift your reality into one of love, light, joy, and laughter:

1.  Feel your fear. If it’s there. Feel it. Set the timer, and give yourself five minutes to feel afraid. And then hand that fear over to me, and I’ll transmute it into love.

2.  Dream the life you desire. It won’t create itself dear one. You need to take responsibility for creating it. If you haven’t already (and even if you have), now is a great time to read the book written by the one who is transcribing my words to you: The Map: To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True! or learn from other material on conscious creation. It is the way this universe works. The most impactful thing you could do right now, is to become proficient at this.

3.  Imagine this world, months, even years from now—as you look back on this time. Your thoughts might be something like this: “The pandemic was a turning point. The world became different after that—more loving, more caring, more compassionate, more united. Humanity became happier, and people started to follow their hearts, and began to live lives they truly loved. We became responsible caretakers of the planet and the earth healed and became pristine once again.” Now imagine the earth and everyone on it blanketed in white, sparkling light—divine light. And imagine the people and the earth healing and growing and becoming the best versions of themselves.

Can it be that simple? Yes, Friend, it can be that simple.

You deserve a beautiful life on a beautiful planet. But you need to hold that vision, and that resonance, to create it happening. And you can do that. You were born to do that.

Call upon me—for help, guidance, support, and I’ll be there—in the blink of an eye.

I love you so much,

Your Higher Self

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