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Hello there,

It is a stretch, sometimes, isn’t it—where you are, compared to where you want to be?

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle. And sometimes it feels as though you don’t have the support you’d like or need.

I know, Friend. I know.

But here’s the thing—this world is an illusion—and it’s your illusion—completely and totally. I know it would be easier if you could just point to someone or something “out there” as the cause of your problems. But dear one, it always comes back to you. And that is good news.

Nothing has to be a struggle. Everything can go smoothly, magically even—if you just let go and trust you will get there. If you will just remember every obstacle and opposition you come across is a whisper that you are not fully in alignment with your dream.

So love the obstacles for pointing out where you can love yourself more. Accept the struggle with compassion for yourself and your journey and resolve to allow more ease and elegance.

Let your reality show you where your beliefs should be replaced, in order to truly live the life of your dreams.

And raise your resonance to the point where opposition is non-existent, and your life is just one magical, fun synchronicity after the next (yes, it is possible!).

You can do this Friend. It’s what you came to do.

With so much love,

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. Remember to ask me for help, okay? I only get to reach out via these emails once every two months, but I want to assist you every single day. So please, Friend, remember to ask for me to help?

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