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Hello there,

Oh, dear one, it is so good to be with you…connecting with you in a way that you can feel my love more deeply.

Do you remember, dear Friend, our conversation before you took on that “body” of yours?

You said, “God, I can’t imagine how it would be to forget You. I just cannot imagine not being enveloped in this amazingly wonderful love, light, majesty, and magnificence.” And then you jumped—into your body—never dreaming you could ever forget from whence you came.

But forget you did—for quite some time. And here you are…remembering again. And Friend, I think remembering feels as wonderful for me as it does for you. For I can feel your heart lightening up, I can feel your hope growing, and I can feel your love deepening—for yourself, for Me and for humanity.

Ah, and I know something else you may have forgotten dear one. I know there is a special gift you have been entrusted to bring to the planet…to this place that has been ensnared in darkness for so long. This gift you were given is a gift of hope, love, and inspiration for others.

How will you know what the gift is? Oh, dearest Friend…it’s you. It’s simply you, being the most pure form of “you” that you can be. It is then that your natural talents will surface and shine. It is then that you will have the most fun of all! And it is then that you will allow everything in your world to prosper and blossom.

What an exciting lifetime, eh?

With astounding love for you,


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12 comments to " FROM GOD "

  • Rhonda Clover

    Oh. So beautiful and perfect for this very moment.

    These beautiful reminders always bring me back…from the 10,000 things.

    Rhonda Clover aka RhoCloRisin

  • Leticia

    Thank you God, this message arrived at the right moment. I’m building a community for your angels on earth.
    I almost gave up on this project, but I feel won’t be happy. Humanity deserve it, and, is the message I got from you, use your talents. God bless you all.

  • Cindy

    Dear God, You took someone from me last week to bring home again with you. I didn’t realize until Lou was gone, how much he meant to me, but I hopefully have learned a valuable lesson. Not to let another day go by without saying to someone I care about, how much I care about them. Lou suffered greatly over these past 4 years from 4 serious illnesses for which I never knew about – how angry I am with myself for not knowing – for I hadn’t spoken to him in those 4 years, until last August, when I suppose you nudged me into calling him. At least we spoke a couple of times before he left this world. But now my mourning has started, and learning that lesson is hard. Please God, be with his family, for they are the ones grieving greatly and the ones who have to pick up the pieces of what Lou has left behind.
    Thank you for loving me, and all my flaws. Help me to be the woman, you sent down here to be.

  • Granny Fucker

    Your comments changed my life. Fuck knows where i would be without them! keep em coming, ladies!

  • Lucille Gambrell

    Thank you God for never giving up on me and for your unconditional Love.. I am and will continue to devote the rest of my life spreading the Joy of all you have to offer ..thank you for the remider of your blessings!1..<3

  • Carole

    Thank you God. You arrive at just the right time. I feel Your Love. I appreciate Your insight. I Believe in You. Always. I am working on being the best that I can be. Baby steps……Love, Carole

  • Josette LeBlanc

    That was a beautiful message. <3 I had to share with friends <3

  • Bernadine

    Thank you God, I could feel the energy. I’ve had chills all over my body. Life truly is a gift. And I’ve yearned for more. This message was just so profound. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Lolita

    My heart us bubbling up with the wirds: Thank You!!????????????

  • Dili jamatia

    I really love your message deares God to believe in me what i can do. I wanna make my dream come true with your blessings Dearest God!

  • Berenice Ibarra

    Thank you God! I’m grateful and thankful for every day and every day brings me closer to you! Without you I am nothing and can’t do nothing. This sickness called cancer has brought me closer to you and I’m thankful for that but I won’t give up and I will praise you and give you the glory and honor you deserve even in this dessert that I’m passing through and fitting this Goliath, but as David did fight and praise you and give all the glory to you! Thank you God!!!

  • Yogibear52

    Dear God, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me to be the best I can be. To tell you that I am begging to feel your love more and more each day,which makes me feel very loved and very happy. For once in my
    life I feel alive and excited because I can see how wonderful life is. One thing I can see now is that money does not matter like love does because without self love and love for you God and humanity I will always live in lack and unhappiness. Now I can really see that “Love” is the key ingredient to Live a Life You Love.
    With all my love,

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