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Hello there,

You and others on your planet revere action. And while action certainly has its place, you have a tendency to rush, full speed ahead, whenever you can—and you sometimes forget to pause.

Life on earth isn’t a straight line. It’s a curvy line. There are times to reach, stretch and grow, and times to rest, integrate and contemplate. Please know just because you pause, doesn’t mean you have stopped.

Pausing has great value. In your pause you can clarify your dreams, you can determine the best step to take next, or you can simply allow your body and mind to rest.

Your creations are still manifesting behind the scenes, even when you take a break. But you need breaks—you need pauses. More than you know. Trust the cadence of your life—honor the ebbs and flows—and enjoy the journey.

With love deeper than you can know,

Your Guardian Angel

P.S. Be gentle on yourself, Friend. Sometimes you push too hard and worry too much. Love yourself enough to rest, rejuvenate and replenish. Xo

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14 comments to " FROM YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL "

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