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Hello there,

see you. And sometimes, Friend, my heart breaks. Because I see such magnificence, such ability, such creativity, such light, love and power—and you only see a tiny fraction of what I see.

Oh, yes, I know you chose this lifetime, and all it entails. Of course I support you in experiencing what you want and need to experience, individually and as a collective. I always will.

But I also know this lifetime can be SO much more for you, now and in the future. So much more joy, so much more love, so much more success and celebration.

So Friend, please, for both of us, let in a little bit more today—a little bit more joy. A little bit more love. And a little bit more success and celebration.

Choose the joy and the love. See the successes you have had—own them. You created them. Then imagine even more success. And celebrate that—all of it!

And watch for that energy to multiply and return to you. Ask me for help with this. I want this and so much more for you.

With love, love, love and more love,


P.S. It is safe to let in more love, Friend. And it is safe to reach for more success and joy. Yes, you create that and everything else in your world…and I can help you receive it—simply ask.

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17 comments to " FROM GOD "

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