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Hello there,

When you told me you wanted to leave “home” and play the “earth-game” for a while, my heart broke a little bit. Because I knew you would forget me. I knew you would forget you.

And because I love you no matter what, I said, “Okay dear Friend. Go…experience…I will be here waiting for you, loving you, whenever you remember me again.”

And you are remembering me again. Oh, that makes me so happy! I have never, ever, not even for a moment, stopped loving you and believing in you.

Remember, Friend, you don’t have to come “home” to have a relationship with me. I’m here, waiting patiently for you to talk to me, to ask for my help, to feel the love I have for you so we can create a loving, supportive and abundant world together.

And my patience lasts…forever.

With eternal love,


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29 comments to " FROM GOD "

  • Kimberly Spratt

    God, I never really left you, I have always sort of known though there have been many ‘distractions’ GOD GRANT ME THE SERENITY’
    Be Though With Me Lord I Pray, Throughout The Night, Until The Day, Then Dear Lord, Be With Me Still, I Will Never Leave Thee. Kimberly

  • Catr

    Thank you for the beautiful words they made me smile because of my knowing. They are perfect 😍

  • Sandra

    Loved the message! Thank-you!

  • Bonnie

    You always bring tears to my eyes!

  • Gift Monday

    Thank You Lord. I love you Lord

  • Leslie

    Beautiful!!!!!! Thank you !!!

  • Azya

    Perfectly Stated…we all forget sometimes. I appreciate the reminders:)

  • Your Name

    Thank-you God, for not giving up on me!

    • Dan

      It’s comforting to be inspired to keep the faith. I need help. I am under constant attack by the Enemy. Maybe that means that someday I will be able to do something good for all that you have created. My life has fallen apart. I had a very wonderful BEST friend. A beautiful loving caring friend. I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. I destroyed our relationship because I am cruel, mean, non-empathic and selfish. Thank you Lord for your never ending love. The love that I can’t find on Earth, I hope to find when I come home. See ya soon.

  • Tom

    Beautiful explanation of spiritual truth. Right on!

  • Binita Rathod

    Thank you for this amazing message from God. Thank you God feeling so awesome that I am attached with you in a pure form.

  • Jan

    Love these wonderful uplifting messages. We are going through a very difficult period and I know God is with me but it is so inspiring to read the words which I believe are divinely inspired.

  • Judith

    I loved today’s message from God. I so believe that Divine Guidance has saved/helped me in many, many ways. Wishing everyone who reads this a Happy, Blessed Holy Week.

  • Marlene

    Thank you for always loving me even when I don’t love myself.

  • Aartee

    Thank You for this touching message…I feel blessed and loved when recently i have been heart broken….just trying to make people feel loved and respected…I love you God

  • Your Name

    BEST.MESSAGE.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad I got this reminder today it’s letting me know that I’m exactly where I need to be.

  • Evelyn

    I like the “remember who you are” but the god stuff, no. You see, it is not in my belief system,and believe me, it was a scary process to let go of that concept that was ingrained in me since childhood by family, nuns, priests, and society in general. I did not want to believe in such a temperamental, invisible, dominant being. :-)I’m free!
    But I like your work, I have The Map in both hard copy and ebook.

  • Tracy

    Perfect timing as I am about to start my own handmade clothing business thank you

  • Bob

    That reminder of who we truly are, and our limitless potential to live a fantastic life awesome to see. Thank you.

  • jane

    Thank you God, I am remembering, and it is comforting for me when I do. Sometimes people do not understand me when I speak of you, but with your words in my mouth I can help them understand where I am coming from. (and thank you, who sent this message)

  • Your Name

    Thank you so much for these wonderful messages. The one today particularly spoke to my spirit thank you.

  • Cherie

    Thank you so much for this timely message! Many blessings to you! ❤

  • Obioha

    how i have dreamed uncosciously for this very moment all these years and am so excited at last it has come true to me and for me consciously.What a great future ilook forwrd to in your guidance and Guardianship in your sacred and universal Hands.Thank You there are tears in my eyes as i read this and i mean it.Am so deeply touched,because i have suffered so much because of this forgetting.i have been struggling to remember and how to remember but it has been difficult for over thirty years.Please God help. i know i am yourself and your son obi.

  • Laurie

    I am remembering and my life is doing SO MUCH BETTER because of my relationship with my God.With God guiding my path I have found happiness and Love for me.This new year is bringing me much love and happiness because I have a close relationship with God again.

  • Susan Bluestone

    These “notes” mean so much to me. I live alone and never hear kind words. They are like a warm blanket on a cold day.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Antonio

    Hi I never forget about you God I always love you and you are always in my heart wherever I’m or wherever I go love you always..

  • Luigi Albau

    Thank You for this beautiful and timely message! I’m so happy reading it and knowing I’m healing my relationship with God! Thank You!!

  • Maricella

    I was so happy to get your letter. You must have felt the slight desperation in my life lately. Sometimes, I just want to walk away from it all but I know better. Thank you for never leaving me, I am remembering and becoming much happier with myself.

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