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Dear Boni!

From the bottom of my heart Thank you for writing the Map for all of us! So here we go. I worked closely with the map at the end of 2014. A few months only. I wrote in my journal all the things I wanted to see happen in 2015. This was on my list:

Travel to Seychelles on vocation

Moving to a new bigger apartment in a neighborhood that we love

Working with my body for the preparation of the birth of our second child.

So in December we decided to go to Seychelles in the beginning of January. Just a week before the trip I started to talk about the first class on the plane. Really wondered how it would be like to travel like that. Hence We did not pay for first class tickets because they are very expensive.

And I all I did was to talk about it BUT talking about it gave me a feeling like I was about to open a Christmas gift. And so I just let the feeling stay with me like I had already been in first class. So the day of our departure came and we were ready to travel. At the checking account we talked to a very nice guy and while we were talking I asked how much it would cost to upgrade us and well it was too expensive.

So we left the check in to go to the gate. When we were approaching the gate I hear our names being called out but it made no sense since we were not late. Everybody else was waiting to go onboard. When the stewardess run our tickets that we got, suddenly a red alert sign came up on the screen and I got a bit confused, wondering what was going on. She looks at me and says with a big smile you have been upgraded to first class. Holy Moses are you kidding me? Weeee:) well let’s just say that made us very happy and comfortable. The whole trip was beautiful and to top this my now fiancé got on his knees and proposed to me on a beautiful beech on Coco island. ( Seychelles ) Google it to see the beach..

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