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Hi Boni,

Thank you for your words of inspiration. Ever since embracing “The Map”, a whole new way of living and thinking has begun to evolve. Much like yourself years ago, this past year my life has been filled with great tragedy, heartbreak and challenging circumstances like I have never encountered before. I had been seeking a better future creating a vision board and things of this nature, but was having trouble staying on track. “The Map” is just what I needed to dial in my focus and to really start the process of conscious creation.

Although I haven’t been practicing the techniques and mindset that long, I am already seeing results start to manifest in my life. I am so excited about today and my future! I no longer limit myself by getting all caught up in the specifics of how things will come to pass, but my main focus is on the wonderful feelings of imagining that all my dreams have already come to fruition. I have taken my eyes off the circumstances in my life that bind and hinder my dreams and choose to look beyond them to all the wonderful things that are in store for me, just around the corner!

There is a newly created energy force within myself that is starting to spill out effortlessly into my life. Whenever I am around others, in the words I speak and in my attitude, this new spirit of optimism and positivity is starting to flow effortlessly and I see it peaking the interest of friends and family. I’m sure they are thinking, ” in the face of all this tragedy and heartbreak, how can he be so optimistic about things?” Well, you and I both know the answer to that question don’t we? When we take the initiative and choose to consciously create our future, we already know how the story ends; the exciting part is watching the story unfold and be written day by day!

This is going to be a wonderful day, month, year, Life!!! I just want to reach out and thank you for your life purpose of helping others and just know that “The Map” and the daily messages I receive from you are having a profound effect on my life and those around me!

Have a wonderful day and just know that I will be sending poweful thought forms of gratitude, energy and love your way!

Smiling in Tennessee,
~ Ken ~

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