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Finances have been a bugaboo for me for awhile now, so as I’ve read and followed The Map’s “conscious creating” steps, financial abundance has been high on my list of things I wish to create.

On Monday, I closed on the refinancing of my home. As a result, I have some extra money because I won’t have any mortgage payments for the months of January and February. Also, in February, I’ll receive a quarterly annuity check that will help my finances considerably, and by the end of February I expect I’ll be getting a good-sized tax refund.

For a couple of weeks I’ve been thinking to myself, “This is going to be a great period of abundance. I can do a few things I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t afford lately, and I can buy a few things I’ve needed, but felt I couldn’t afford.” I also (almost unconsciously) simultaneously thought: “And after February, things will go back to normal.”

Tonight, I was sitting at the computer and I had an “AHA!” moment that almost lifted me out of my chair. “Wait,” I said to myself, “this IS the abundance I’ve been working towards. My dearest creative self, accept this as the beginning of an abundant life. If you think this is a momentary diversion from life ‘as usual,’ you are missing the point and adding an unnecessary limitation to the process!” I got up from my chair yelling, “I’ve got it! I think I finally get it!”

I find it interesting that my picture of how it will look when it’s working is different than how it looks in reality!

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3 comments to " Oh Wait, I Think It’s Working! "

  • Darien

    It’s funny that you had that almost automatic thought that things would go back to normal after experiencing your conscious creation of an abundant life. I did the same thing and had to realize and correct myself. First, I received two bonuses at my job when I didn’t think I would be eligible for one. Next, my wife and I were able to get tax refunds when I thought we would probably end up owing money.

    Then I received an offer to refinance my home which frees up additional money each month. I then received a coupon in the mail for 10% off on the maintenance I needed for my car which ended up saving me $60. Then I got a $6500 raise that I did not expect. The old negative me popped up occasionally to say this will end soon and it will go back to normal but I silenced those thoughts immediately and focused on what positive outcome would soon come my way. Next up, that lottery win that I’ve been visualizing and flowing positive energy towards for months. ( =

    • Boni

      It IS interesting that by default we tend to go back to “normal.” Good for you, Darien, for staying conscious enough to keep your flow of energy positive allowing more positive realities. Changing your image after success to coincide with the new “you” is important to growing the success. Congrats on your successes–and keep up the conscious creating!


      • Darien

        Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and thank you for writing a life-changing book for me.

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