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Leaving the details to the universe is the best decision I have ever made. Every since I was a teenager I have dreamed about having my own home, that might seem like a strange dream for a teenager but I had never had one for long, so it was a desire I had. Throughout the years I came very close to my dream and then I would sabotage it for some reason or another. I have been changing my life and healing myself with all of Boni’s material for the last 5 years, gradually discovering the beliefs that held me back from allowing my dreams to manifest, and what a ride it has been.

One of my favorite things I have learned from her is, “The better it gets..the better it gets”. This became my favorite after I changed beliefs about the other shoe dropping or good things never last, all kinds of garb that used to be governing what I could and couldn’t do and have. As my dream of a house came closer to manifesting I could think of a million things I wanted my home to have..I had a lifetime to think of this home so I had a very detailed list. I sat to write out new intentions surrounding the location and yard size, even which way my windows would face and what flowers would be in my yard, then I remembered reading from The Map how leaving the details to the universe and focusing on how I wanted to feel might yield better results than what I could think of myself.

Although I hesitated a bit, clutching to my list, I decided to let go and write about how I wanted to feel in my new home. I knew I wanted to feel safe and peaceful, I wanted to have a yard that I would love and to feel somewhat secluded. I wanted enough room to have family over comfortably and to create a space where everyone who entered couldn’t help but feel loved and relaxed. I stated last year after my birthday that I would not be spending another birthday in an apartment, it was more of a declaration I made really. This year my actual birthday was the first night I spent in my new home, looking out the window into the woods, sipping my tea in blissed out gratitude! My home has so many details I would never have thought of and it makes me feel incredible to see how deserving the universe thinks I am and I am starting to agree! Happy creating fellow creators.

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