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I read The Map a few years ago, but never applied the wisdom of writing out my intentions in a Creation Journal or doing the techniques. Earlier this year in January I found myself homeless and living out of my car with my 14 month old baby boy after looking unsuccessfully to find housing due to so much housing discrimination against single moms. I decided to buy The Map on audible and listen to the wisdom of The Map again with the intention of doing everything it said to manifest a house for my son and I. Within a day, I was able to manifest a temporary housing situation with a colleague and have been living with them since February 2019. My conscious creating was initially derailed again when my mom passed at the end of February. Instead of focusing on the loss, I focused on gaining another angel and unseen friend in my mom’s spirit and engaged her in techniques to support my conscious creation of a house.

I wanted to buy a house instead of just paying extraordinary rents in Los Angeles. However, my credit isn’t great and I didn’t have enough money saved. What to do? I just wrote my intention and focused on doing techniques, trusting the magic of the universe to help me find a path towards home ownership. I initially went through nonprofits helping low income families and NACA, but was told my credit was too low for the nonprofits and that I didn’t qualify for a house over 300k with NACA. I clarified my intention to find a large house close to my son’s daycare and my job. Then I came across a new startup in Los Angeles called Homevest. Their slogan is “Rent with Benefits” and they use what would be the last month rent and security deposit as your initial down payment in a house. Homevest allows you to earn equity stake through the initial down payment and through a portion of rent going towards equity as well.

After being turned down to buy a house in March through a nonprofit working with low income single parents because of my credit, Homevest was a welcome find in manifesting a house and equity benefits! In a few months searching with Homevest, I manifested a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house close to my son’s daycare and work! I close escrow on the house with Homevest July 25th and I get the keys July 26th.

And I’m not stopping there! In the new house, I’m intentionally creating a coliving “Momma Village”, renting out other rooms exclusively to single moms like myself experiencing housing discrimination. I’m currently using intentions and techniques to manifest 2 conscious creating mommas and their littles to colive and share the home with us. I’ll update you all on the magic of “Mommas Village” in a few months.

I still listen to The Map as a refresher on techniques and working with my higher self, unseen friends, angels (hi mom!) and younger selves. I also just told a colleague I supervise about The Map today as well and bought the book for her on Amazon. Your work is powerful Boni. Thank you!

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2 comments to " Homeless to Dream House "

  • Hedvig Hanti

    This is so lovely. I loved reading your story, as it gives me more strength and vision. I am new on this road, but I have took a deep dive , and during this year I ahve read 32 books on the subject. Small things came forward, and even some money – and I always get a sign upon asking. Im not much of giving advice but your vision what you want to do and help others are clear, and you will succeed big time- I have no question about it. People like you deserve a world and you already have it in you so keep on doing good things for yourself and others.

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