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Hello there,

Imagine if I gave you a magical pencil and an unlimited supply of paper. And I told you that you could draw anything at all you desired and it would show up in 30 days in your world. You could draw money, people, love, fun, success…anything your heart desires.

Would you worry if you made a mistake and drew something you found out you didn’t want? No.

Would you fret about forgetting a detail here or there? Of course not.

Because you would know you have unlimited chances to get it right. Unlimited.

You could draw and draw and draw. and then you get to have the fun of seeing what happens in 30 days! And if you needed to draw it a bit differently the next time around, you could. Or if you wanted to scrap a whole year’s worth of drawings and start over again—you could do that too!

Well, your universe works in much the same way. Oh it may not be 30 days exactly that what you “draw” today (with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs) shows up in your world. It may be 3 days or 90 days. But it ALWAYS shows up.

And you can’t get it wrong…ever. You can only get better and better at it.

So stop fretting dear Friend, about “Are you doing it right?” And have FUN with your magical pencil!

With love and joy,

Your Higher Self

P.S. I will help you, my dearest Friend, if you would like…I’ll help you learn how to create a magical, wonderful life. It’s as easy as saying in your mind, “Higher Self, please help me create the life I came here to live—filled with joy, love and abundance.” And I’ll be there…gently and lovingly guiding you to the next step on your journey.

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