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The Message I Most Need To Hear

I hear you dear one. You might not think I do, but I do. I feel your yearning for more love and more connectedness with me, especially in these disconnected times.

I’m listening. And I’m helping. (You are reading this aren’t you—who do you think encouraged you to do so?)

I’m here gently guiding you every single day of your life.

And Friend, it would be so wonderful … if you would make the time and space to listen. Oh I know you do listen some—you are reading this right?

However my guidance could be so much more effective, if you’d make the time to sit and be still with me. You can call it meditation, or contemplation, or simply quiet time.

But if you sit and be still and imagine me sitting next to you, I can instill within you the knowing of who you really are. I can fill you with peace. And you can begin to be touched by the magnificent love I have for you.

You see, your life was never meant to feel so disconnected. Before you left for earth you couldn’t imagine ever forgetting that you are divine, unconditionally loved and cherished by All That Is.

Yet here you are, forgetting it time and time again. Feeling only the intense disconnect that is prevalent in today’s world.

Remembering will make a huge difference in your life, Friend. It will help you create your heaven on earth.

Connecting with me and your other unseen friends will provide the guidance and support you’ve always dreamed of and desperately need right now.

Loving you from afar—and from so close you can feel my breath,

Your Soul