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The Message I Most Need To Hear

Sometimes it’s hard for you to connect with me. Sometimes it’s hard for you to hear me through all the noise of your world (not to mention the noise in your head).

But I’m here—I’m always here for you, Friend.

And if you’ll be still—if you’ll be quiet—and allow me to wrap my arms of light around you—I will.

I am always ready to connect with you, to touch you, and to love you, dear one. I don’t always have a message for you, though (although sometimes I do). Sometimes it is most appropriate for us to just “be” together.

You see, Friend, there is something called “divine timing”. Divine timing is understanding (and being at peace with the idea) that there is a time for everything.

There is a time for growth, and a time to integrate that growth. There is a time to manifest in your world, and a time to enjoy the results of that manifesting. And there is a time to move closer to me, and a time to revel in the relationship we currently have.

How do you tell where you are in divine timing? Simple. Listen to your heart. Your heart always knows, Friend—always.

So—lets be together, shall we?

With great love,

The Goddess

P.S. And sometimes, when you are in the midst of a busy day—surrounded by all that “noise”—call me in then, too. Just say, “Goddess, please be with me—touch me—love me—help me to see clearly and act lovingly.”—or whatever it is you desire, and I’ll be there. I’m always there—for you.