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I read The Map a year ago and am in the process of reading The Map to Abundance. My dream is to create a new career that I love and is financially abundant. In the meantime I’ve been having fun consciously creating things and experiences that I add to my creation board. Just last week I created a once in a lifetime winter vacation with my family to Quebec City where we ate amazing foods, visited the Ice Hotel and went tobogganing. It was even more fun than I imagined and am so grateful for the experience. How you ask?

After reading The Map, I started three separate journals. One for writing intentions, one for writing beliefs (what I currently believe and what to change it to), and one for gratitude and success. Since I am a visual learner I also started pinning up pictures that I find in magazines etc which represent intentions. I kept coming across travel articles for Quebec City which I took as a sign and pinned one up on my wall. My husband and I started planning it and he suddenly got offered an extra gig which would pay for the hotels so we booked it and the rest is history (and awesome memories!).

It seems to be getting easier and faster to create things like travel or physical items. I know I have more belief work to do for intentions that are not manifesting or that start to but then seem to unravel. It is an ongoing journey!

Thank you so much for The Map and keep up your very valuable work!

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