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I had been a struggling business owner for exactly a year at the beginning of this past January, picking a bad location to open a restaurant, as well as starting up under funded, both the mistakes of blind ambition drowning out common sense. After a year of struggles, endless hours of work, no reward, I decided after a few months of trying to sell my business with no success, to claim my freedom from that ball and chain investment one way or another. At the first of this year, I declared that if I did not have a buyer by the week of my birthday, I would turn the keys in to my landlord and file bankruptcy, either way, I’ll be free ON MY BIRTHDAY from ever having to worry about that place again. Well after many potential buyers came and went, I found a buyer the week before my birthday, closed the deal on monday february 11th, and with transitional training, my last day at my store was scheduled to be today 2-15-13. My Birthday is 2-16-13, I declared I would be free by my birthday no matter what, got my restaurant sold, and my birthday is the first day I’ll never have to go back to that place. I am free, as I declared I would be, without having to turn my keys over to the landlord. I got exactly what I wanted, timing and all. I just had to declare it, feel it, believe I would be guided to my highest good, and let the rest take care of itself, and it couldn’t have worked out better.

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