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We intend that this website provides a safe, loving, easy and elegant venue for people to learn about and claim their divinity and power.

We intend that this website is imbued with the energies of love, light, freedom, peace, fun, security, safety, healing and joy.

We intend that this website awakens and empowers the most people possible.

We intend that this website draws to it all those who are ready for this information and in alignment with its delivery.

We intend that this website is assisted by those unseen friends in all levels and dimensions who also hold an intention of empowerment for this planet, these people, and beyond. We ask for and intend to receive their guidance and assistance on all levels.

And you also may be interested in the intentions of the company that produced this website, Inner Art Inc.:


We intend that Inner Art® embodies an essence of love, growth, freedom and fun – in its team, in its products, its impact, and its day to day activities.

We intend Inner Art to be divinely guided by the highest level assistance available. We intend to hear, understand and implement this guidance as clearly and elegantly as possible.

We intend all products created for Inner Art to be of the highest level possible in impact, healing, transformation, growth, joy, ease, elegance and creativity.

We intend Inner Art miraculously, easily, elegantly and joyously draws to itself all resources necessary in perfect timing with harm to none.

We intend Inner Art to be the most successful company possible.

We intend Inner Art to be an icon of constant creativity – continuously creating and re-creating itself.

We intend Inner Art to be a joyous, fun, prosperous, abundant and loving company to be in, around and in any way connected to.

We intend Inner Art to run easily and joyously–receiving energy from the universe, its employees, its customers and unseen realms, and gaining constant momentum from its own successes and the excitement it generates on all levels and dimensions.

We intend Inner Art to be joyously interdimensional, existing in all realms and dimensions that can be of assistance to its divine purpose.