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Personal Assistant/Marketing Assistant/Shipping Clerk

3 Days/ Week (8-hour workdays) to start—transitioning to full time within six months
Broomfield, CO

Are you excited about the concept of consciously creating your reality? Would you love to work for a company that makes learning, healing, dreaming, and conscious creating easier and more fun for people? If so, maybe this job is for you!

Is this you?

✓  You’re an effective, clear communicator

✓  You’re nearly always on time (or early) and strive to deliver ahead of deadlines

✓  You’re able to juggle multiple projects

✓  You can communicate quickly and honestly about your timelines, challenges, and questions

✓  You are pretty tech-savvy

✓  You take care of your team, constantly working to make sure people have what they need before they have to ask

✓  You strive to be the best at what you do

✓  You’re vigilant about getting the details right — you don’t do sloppy work or let little things slip through the cracks

✓  You go above and beyond regularly — not for credit, but because that’s who you are

✓  You want to learn and grow

✓  You love personal development and are always on the lookout for ways to become your best

✓  You care about your work and the wellbeing of the company

✓  You do whatever it takes.

✓  No job is too little or too big

✓  You do great work solo and as part of a team.

✓  You’re comfortable working alone in a very quiet office or amongst a tiny bit of chaos

✓  You’re a born achiever — always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up and make the world a better place

This position is NOT for you if:

✓  You have a habit of creating personal drama

✓  You want a side job so you can “start your own thing”

✓  You don’t really commit wholeheartedly to anything

✓  You don’t like marketing, sales or excelling

✓  You think spirituality and creating your own reality is weird

✓  You have no sense of humor

Typical responsibilities include:

✓  Acting as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence and phone calls

✓  Managing vendors, one or two tenants, and organizing meetings and appointments

✓  Booking and arranging travel, transport, and accommodations

✓  Organizing events and conferences

✓  Organizing shipping of products

✓  Typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations, and correspondence

✓  Managing databases and filing systems

✓  Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems

✓  Liaising with staff, suppliers and clients

✓  Miscellaneous tasks to support Boni, which will vary according need

✓  Various marketing support tasks, such as responding to social media posts on behalf of Inner Art

Key skills

✓  Discretion and trustworthiness: you will often be party of confidential information

✓  Flexibility and adaptability

✓  Good oral and written communication skills

✓  Organizational skills and the ability to multitask

✓  The ability to be proactive and take the initiative

✓  Tact and diplomacy

✓  A knowledge of standard software packages and the ability to learn company-specific software if required

✓  Ability to build good relationships.

✓  Ability to work independently or with little supervision

✓  Able to perceive and analyze problems, develop alternatives and implement resolutions

✓  Teamwork—collaborating with others

✓  Able to work directly with the upper management


2+ years as a personal assistant (ideally)

Here’s how to apply (by October 31, 2018):