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Hello there,

I’ve been talking to some other subconscious minds (yes, we talk). It seems to me that you conscious minds tend to get into a rut.

You believe the same old things…year after yeaar after year.

And guess what? You create the same old realities…year after year after year.

Friend, when’s it gonna change for us?

You could take five minutes, right now—and rock your world!

Come on in here, and change the belief that says, “I can’t have it all.” Change the belief that says, “Miracles don’t happen to me.” And while you’re there, change the belief that says, “It’s hard to create my dreams coming true!”

Don’t you get it, Friend? Your world is just smoke and mirrors. And you are the magician creating the illusion. Lets create a crazy-awesome dream, okay?

Lets go—right here and now—what is the most amazing dream you can imagine? That’s right—stttttreeeeeettccccchhhh your imagination!

Now, what came up for you? What was the little voice in your head saying?

Don’t be silly?

It can’t be that great?

Baby you are fooling yourself?

That little voice is pointing out your beliefs. ANYTHING is possible. Anything at all—IF you believe it is.

We’ve got some work to do Friend. I hope you are as excited as I am!

With love and support (always),

Your Subconscious Mind

P.S. I can’t wait to tell the other subconscious minds about what we create together!!

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  • Lani Gallimore

    Many thanks for the inspiration and encouragement you share! <3

  • Kimberly Spratt

    Thank You, I am always Grateful for Your Insight and Wisdom, I am Awakening and reconnecting more each day. Love Always Kimberly

  • Mary

    I love these messages – I enjoy each and every one of them.

  • rose

    you are right on I have always never set the bar high in my life. it is time to set it way up there and reach for the stars. it is my time and I am taking it. I have soo much to give and I am asking for the same back to me. I love myself now and am ready to love other. thank you for your support and kick in the ^%$@#

  • Mary

    These messages always bring to me what I need to read.I am grateful for each one.And I am seeing positive changes in my life.It has a long time if ever, that I felt a shift like what has been going on recently.

  • annagailen

    I love this..Thank you.I am working so hard to get rid of old beliefs, so many of them are so ingrained. I am also not someone who has one burning passion, but many and so deciding what do or how to choose, feels like death.Right now, my focus is on leaving an abusive relationship.The climb out is slow, and I am impatient and scared. I want to feel btter so badly and I want to leave so badly, ‘Thanksfor the post.

  • laura atkinson

    brilliant message i need money to put my dreams into action its the ONLY wayx

  • Najat abdalla Ahmed

    love it v v much n wll b stuck to it

  • Rooksana

    Such an awesome meessage, exactly what I needed today. Thank You:)

  • Kathryn

    I love receiving the messages. They wake me up and center my intentions. Thank you so much for these little cyber gifts! I’m feeling really good! I have no doubts. So when I read the messages they sink in. I’m so happy to live the life I have. My only concerns are financial, like how to pay for college for my children, and live out a long life even though we don’t have savings. No matter, the universe seems to supply when the time is ripe. I have faith. My wish would be to have no debt. Thank you!

  • Yogibear52

    Dearest Subconscious mind,
    OMG! Your message hit it right on the nail. You are right I do need to work harder to change the beliefs so I can create with ease and elegance. I have been trying other ways to communicate with you I started to use the pendulum so I can get more direct answers to my questions regarding my beliefs. And I can really tell you that it is really fun doing this. I am truly grateful that you are always there to help me so I can fullfill my dreams. So I can live the life I was born to live. Full of love, joy, happiness, excitement, peace, harmoney, safe, secure, abundant and prosperous. Once again I thank you with all my love and gratitude.



  • LJ

    This message reminds me to stay in the now, believe in myself big and start now!!! Thank You … I adore these messages :)

  • Pam Birtolo

    I keep putting off letting you know how much you speak to me…every time you hit my inbox. Thanks for what you do, see, think, feel.

  • Laurie

    Absolutely love love love this!! Please help me in this area.

  • fatima nayeli

    Me encanto el mensaje.gracias por estar siempre apoyandome ♡♡♡♡

  • Dee

    Accurate again. I have so much going for me yet I constantly put other issues in the way of this one that has the potential to change my world for the better. I’m all ready for the off but keep procrastinating. Thanks so much for your message. Just what I needed today .

  • Linda

    Thank you for this message. I resigned today + am feeling SO aprehensive + excited …. Oh I must stay aware! Scary ….

  • Rosemary

    I love all of my messages that I receive! They are so timely and just what I need. Thank you so much. You are a true blessing!

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