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Thoughts on Suicide

If you have come upon this page you have been curious about or contemplating, at some level, the idea of suicide.

I think many, whether seriously or not, have considered the idea. We all have low points in our lives, although some feel lower than others. We all have challenges in our lives, although, again, some lives are more challenging than others.

Whether you are seriously contemplating this idea, have thoughts on suicide, or are just curious, there are some things I’d like you to know:

1.  It may postpone your challenges but it won’t stop them.
You incarnated this lifetime to learn and grow and transcend your challenges, not to run from them. If you cut this lifetime short you’ll more than likely simply come right back to face your fears and deal with them triumphantly—and sooner or later, you will.

2.  There is nothing that is unhealable.
Everything can be healed. Everything. You may not know how to heal, but if you have the desire you can create the healing.

A good way to begin is to forgive yourself for creating what you have created in your life thus far.

3.  There is nothing that is unforgiveable.
God doesn’t judge you. Neither do any of your unseen friends. They forgive you every single time. But oftentimes we don’t forgive ourselves.

You have done the best you could with what you had to work with until now. And now you can learn, grow, forgive yourself and change.

You can learn how to forgive yourself though. Begin by setting an intention: “I intend to forgive myself.”

Whether others forgive you is immaterial. And amazingly, if you really and truly forgive yourself, oftentimes others whom you thought never would, will forgive you also.

4.  There is nothing that is unchangeable.
You do create your reality, and you likely have been creating it unconsciously, but you can learn to create it consciously. You happened upon this website for a reason. This site will teach you everything you need to know to step out of the place you are in and become empowered to create a life worth living—and even more than that—a life that you adore.

5.  There is help available.
I encourage you to seek professional help, of course. But beyond that there is tons of help available from your unseen friends. You have a Higher Self who loves you very much. Ask him or her for assistance with your struggles. They cannot interfere unless you ask—so ask. Or ask your Soul, or God or Goddess. But ask them, they won’t do it for you, but they will guide you and assist you in healing and growing and creating a wonderful life.

I hope this helps, my friend. And I know, with every fiber of my being, that you came to this planet to add a special gift, a unique piece of the puzzle of life, and that this world would not be what it could be, if you don’t find a way to shine the light of you.

I love you.