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We recently held a contest and asked our Inner Art family to submit their story about how The Map changed their life. Upon submission, they would be entered to win a FREE signed copy of The Map Workbook. We chose the best submissions, and here are our 6 winners, and their conscious creation story using The Map!

Erin A.

Erin A bw
My Name is Erin, I am an artist and product designer.

I want you to know out of all the self help and LOA books and websites I have read The Map has been the most comprehensive and best help so far in helping me MAP out my dreams. A BIG Thank YOU!!!.

One of my dreams was to travel the world and share my creativity with new factories and artisans. So far in the past 2 years alone I have traveled to Indonesia, Japan and just returned from India. I am working with several beyond my wildest dreams factories and have amazing opportunities to design new products and explore new ways of expressing my gift of design.

The Map has shown me how to identify with my dreams and to wash away some of the negative self talk and beliefs and to believe in my unseen friends help. I LOVE the clarity and way The Map has outlined the processes and how positive and clear the road to take in achieving my dreams. The use of allowing my younger self to have a word and to nurture and love that little girl inside of me as well as the wounded woman still trying to keep me small rather than show the world how big my spirit is.

I have been listening to The Map Audio Book and receive all of your emails and everyday and excited to open them up. I would love a more concise workbook as I know there is even more direction and work to do and know a more comprehensive study with help me achieve the real BIG dream I have begun to identify with.

THANK YOU For all of your inspiration and support and love,



Willow B.

Willow B bw
My name is Willow.

My dream was to become a writer and professional blogger!

I created my own blog and I have weekly joy postings on the Facebook group Crystal Clarity. I am also working on a children’s book and building a career as a freelance blogger, writer, and editor. My intention and dream is now even surpassing itself as I’ve also started a business selling my own greeting and inspirational cards. Woot!

The Map was enormously influential in getting me out of my low self esteem and into my Dream! Every time I would set an intention, I would feel my energy’s ascension. All of my body and all of my mind would align with the healthy and positive words I repeated all the time.

This gave me the loving impetus I needed to move forward into the GOOD stuff!

Thank you and blessings to you,



Donnamarie R.

Donnamarie R bw
I loved The Map and continue to re-read it over and over. I created the life of my dreams after 31 years of working in the medical field as an RN. While I loved my patients, I grew to feel suffocated and drained by the nitty gritty of the administrative aspects of the career, not to mention the fact that my heart was increasingly burdened by the emphasis on machines and paperwork over people.

I wanted to give myself one year off to pray, to think, to seek God and to find my true path. Reading The Map and getting my daily emails and angel guidance gave me the practical helps I needed to put feet to my dreams, and to show me how to quit dreaming and start acting to follow my heart. I will be 55 this month, and I am so very grateful that I have had a year of peace, prayer and quiet to think, to dream, to map, to write and to explore my deepest heart dreams and goals.

One major miracle is that I always thought I couldn’t support my daughters and myself (and my beloved pets) without working in my profession of nursing. When I couldn’t take it another second, I tucked my dog-eared copy of The Map, my favorite Bible, a fresh new journal and three new colored pens in my worn, happy, sweet canvas bag…the one with a cheery sunshine face on it…and I decided not to get up until I came to a resolution. I went to my favorite little cheapy Mexican restaurant and sat there and cried, and laughed, and closed my eyes to dream. I made a mini-vision map (I have three large detailed ones at home) in my journal, and I took the plunge.

I chose to be pro-active and I wrote out my resignation from my hospital nursing job. I turned it in that very day. The next day, my sister called to offer me and my girls the use of their church parsonage free for six months! We packed up our things, hopped in our car and moved from South Florida to the tiny hamlet of Franklin, GA. God was so amazing to provide literally everything we needed, down to cat food and cat litter, lol, for six full months. The last week of our stay there, I was still in the process of creating my dream life, still wasn’t exactly on target for what I wanted my life to look like, but determined not to run back to my nursing career.

That week, a dear friend called to ask if we wanted to house sit for him for six months. We took a three hour drive to Gainesville in North Georgia, where we found my friend’s perfect little green cottage, complete with a fenced yard for Beau to run in when he’s outside (he is an inside doggie), and bright colored lights strung up along the covered back porch, an ideal spot for me to write my stories, dream my dreams and weave the threads of this brand new life we are creating. Last month, I went to my sister’s house, found my way to her hammock, and asked God how I can contribute to this beautiful, hurting world we live in. I am so filled with gratitude for the way He has taken care of us, even better than I could have with my full time nursing salary.

I feel He has called me to a full-time writing ministry, to offer hope, inspiration and support to those who are struggling, who feel that they, like I did, have lost their way somehow, or had their spirits darkened by the weight of the unmet promises they’ve made to themselves, the crushing disappointment of dreams yet to come true. The testimonies on your website, the pages of The Map, the way you took something so powerful and broke it down so practically that I could access and use it in my real, every day life…the way my God and my faith were able to be incorporated into your words and your wisdom…that is the gift that I received from you, and continue to receive every day in my sparkling, gorgeous, bright new world.




Pramod J.

Pramod J bw
My name is Pramod. My dream is to create my own business.

I dreamed of creating a wonderful Tyre Retreading Unit (MRF Tyre Franchisee) where we increase the Tyre Life by retreading them 2 to 3 times and contribute to save our mother planet Earth as Tyres are hazardous waste!

The Map Certainly is awesome! It made me introspect and believe that yes, whatever I am today is created by my past thoughts, good or bad but it’s a fact. Then it made me define my core intention & mission statement

I certainly want to create my reality consciously; with lot of strength, fun, peace, joy and love & mainly with harm to none! Then this has drilled down to my work intentions.

I intended to create work that is rewarding, liberal, exciting, and pays me more than I can even imagine, having lots of  fun and creative co-workers and is ideally located. I intended that this job will make me feel prosperous, joyous, healthy, creative, appreciated, most respected, excited and eternally peaceful & thankful because I’m contributing to my higher self’s work!

Thus involving the higher self is also a strong technique taught by The Map which empower me to believe that yes, I can as this is wish of my God as this action is part of the fun and causes harm to none!

Then the seven steps directed by The Map are more than enough to bring out the dream in to reality!!!

And My reality within a year is that MRF Tyres has approved the franchisee in name of “BALAJI TREADS” in Nasik and in next 6 months, this unit has manifested so elegantly.

From the seven steps of  The Map, the main things I have focused were “Flowing Energy” and “Taking conscious and inspired actions”. Thinking about the dream with expectation, delight, excitement & joy and feeling on the top, like everything I desire is quite probable & non can stop me!

Thanks Boni for being our mentor to success !

All the best regards,



Carol H.

Carol H bw
Thank you so much for your hard work to help all of us live a better life – a life we create – a life we were meant to live!

My name is Carol. My dream, since childhood,  has always been to be in a band. Music has always meant the world to me – it is my heart and my soul! But I was always too shy as a teenager to do anything about it – to get started. Then I went to college and earned my BA in Music. I became a helluva singer and musician, but I allowed other people to talk me out of a career in music. That is my BIG regret in life. How could I allow others to choose my direction? How could I allow others to write on my map?

As time went on, I felt lost. I went through 2 marriages that were absolutely not right for me. I fell into a large, deep hole.
Then,  in 1999, after my father passed from this universe, I came back to music – I began to play the Native American style flute. It was an expression of my heritage, and it was a means to re-spark my spirit. Then it happened – I played well enough that I was asked to join an ensemble! We, a group of four musicians, performed as a band featuring the flute. It was a dream come true!

But it wasn’t until four years ago, when I picked up the bass guitar, and when I began to discover the teachings of people like you, and when I discovered you, Boni, that I began to really get my life together! I realized that I could create a life in music. My sweetheart and I formed a folk rock duo. I was shy about it – I was scared. I was beginning to doubt my ability to follow through with my dreams. But I read your emails every day, every week, and opened my mind, fortified my spirit and my courage, and followed my heart. I worked my fingers off on the bass, and got my voice into fine form for this style of music. We, American Crow, had our premiere at a major venue in town, and the audience loved us! I felt like a rock star!! Here was my biggest dream becoming reality!! We’re learning more songs, and solidifying our style, so that we can record, and book more performances. I just bought a house, too!

I finally understand how to create my life, Boni. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to “get it all together”! I have days when I struggle, but I always refer to your words, and they keep me on track. I have come out of that deep “hole”, grasped the concept of creating my own life, and work on it every day!

Peace to you!



Jen C.

Jen C bw
Hi!  My name is Jen. I am a Spiritual Guide and an Intuitive Coach.  My dream is HUGE!  It has been my motivation for a very long time.  My dream is actually my life purpose, my soul mission, my destiny, and my deepest desire.

I dream of being on stage and touching the lives of others through my healing work.  I am speaking to thousands of individuals, giving them insight from the angels, the archangels, and the ascended masters.  I am teaching others how to become the individuals they were destined to become.  I am giving them an alternative way to see themselves.  By being on stage and speaking to these individuals, I am helping the Universe change the way we live on this planet.  I am teaching others how to love unconditionally.  To love unconditionally of others but of themselves.  My dream is to write books which inspire others.  To teach others about spirituality and how to embrace their own truths.  I dream of coaching others on a grander scale.  I dream of teaching others how to live their dream as I am living mine.  My dream is greater, bigger, and more massive than just me.  It is about changing the world we live in so that the future is brighter for all who are here and who will be born here.  My dream is to touch the many.  To create something different and more infinite.  To work with other like- minded individuals to begin a change of vision and mindset and to offer hope.

I have created a life I love.  I have created a magical place that allows me to work for myself and for me to have the ability to touch others.  I have created an inspirational living.  Everything around me, I created with a belief in myself and a knowing that there is something greater at work.

The Map is an amazing book.  Your products are amazing.  I have ordered your creation cards and I utilize them in my practice to give to others.  I love them!  They are wonderful gifts to hand out to people to keep them inspired.  The Map helped me create my present.  It is a great guide to turn to when I am lost.  It is like a Map (pardon the pun).  When you are on a journey of self-discovery, too often you get wrapped up in your own feelings, your own insecurities, and your self, shall we say, that you get lost.  The Map helped me to breathe, take stock of where I was before, where I am currently, and {deep breath and sigh here} where I desire to be.  This booked allowed me to clear my head.

Even as a professional spiritual guide, I am human.  {I know!  Crazy to remember this!}  Since I am human, which I tend to forget, I need to take a step back and seek help outside of myself to know that I am headed in the right direction.  The Map helped me to do this.  To know that someone else, someone special and amazing and wonderful, has been where I am and she did just fine and is doing amazingly awesome gave me hope.  It gave me inspiration to keep moving ahead.  Imagine a mountain.  It is tall and scary, and full of pitfalls.  You are climbing this mountain and you are like in the middle.  You are too far from the top to be done, and you are way too far away from the ground to just jump.  You close your eyes and you just begin to pray.  You speak to God or the Universe.  You pray to something greater than yourself and say “Help.  I am just not able to continue.  I am just too tired and too overwhelmed.  I feel alone.  HELP.  Please.”  The Map is that voice you hear inside your heart (not your head) that says, “Look up my friend.  You got this.  Look down my friend.  Look at how far you have come!  Be still for a second.  It is okay!  You can rest, but know that you want to reach your goal so take a second and then begin again!  You can do this!”  The Map did this for me.  It gave me hope that someone was once in my shoes.  If she can do this, so can I.  If I can do this, so can others.  I want to give back to others what The Map has given to me.

When you tell someone “I am living the life I choose and I am living on purpose” they smile.  They want what you are able to have.  Others don’t realize the trials, the tears, the heartache, the torture, and the suffering you went through.  They see you as being on TOP of the mountain.  You did not get to the top of the mountain without shedding tears, biting your nails off, and without endurance.  You got to the top of the mountain because you were motivated and focused.  You got to the top of the mountain because you tried and tried yet again.  Some things worked, while others did not.  You had to be innovative.  You had to think on your feet and you needed to be strong.  The strength came from getting up every day and trying just a little bit more.

The Map helped me stay focused.  It gave me the motivation to continue.  It showed me that I can do this and when I needed an added push, it gave it to me because it inspired me.  It inspired me because your story proved to me that my dream (no matter the size) could be accomplished if I tried and stayed focused.

For you, I am grateful.  I am grateful because it helped me get to where I am today and The Map Workbook will help me get further.  The more I learn, the more I read, and the more I experience, the more I can help others achieve their dreams because I went through it first.  If I can do it, I can teach others.  If I teach others, I can motivate others.  By motivating others, I can change the world.  By changing the world, I can help others recreate themselves. By others recreating themselves, we soon have an entirely different society.  It all starts with an idea and a dream.

Thank you.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Thank YOU for being inspired to write The Map.  Thank you for listening to your higher self and for “showing up” and living on purpose.  Thank you for living your destiny.  Thank you for being the inspiration I needed to continue and see past the pain and discomfort.  Thank you for making a difference.  You made a huge difference in my life and for this I am humbled and thank you.

Much love my friend,



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