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“This book is revelatory in so many ways! After reading The Map to our Responsive Universe, I thought I knew how to consciously create my world. Even with some successes, I didn’t feel as powerful as I do now until I read The Map to Abundance! Once you are able to believe and create “true abundance” in your life, amazing things will start to happen to you and for you. The Map to Abundance is a book that will change your life, if you allow it to. I am so grateful to have read it and allowed the powerful concepts, lessons, and hard truths to permeate every part of me! I suggest reading it at least twice to allow all of the concepts to truly take hold. I am a creative genius, and you can be too with this wonderful “Map.” I am excited to read the next “Map,” Boni, no pressure!” – Brandon J., Kentucky


“Considering how her first book, The Map, completely changed my life, I have been very excited for The Map To Abundance to further catapult my dreams. There is so much in this book, If it were up to me I would have a hard time putting a price on it as what it can do for you (if you let it) is priceless. Boni gifts us with a golden ladder to wealth, success and fulfillment, we just have to be willing to climb it. In this book Boni will lovingly and gracefully take your hand and walk you through any obstacles that stand in the way of complete abundance in every area of your life and I could not be more grateful for it!” – DeAnna W., New York


“The problem I had before reading The Map to Abundance was that I have read too many books. Also I have known about (and have been trying to perfect) the Law of Attraction for over 20 years. That right there has been my downfall, there was a part of me that knew it all AND at the same time, lost faith. As I read this book I decided I was going to surrender. The way you broke everything down was absolutely perfect. Every word resonated, even the things that I had spent YEARS analyzing — do I need to know exactly what I want? Do I just let the universe decide? While I surrendered to your words, as I let go, things started manifesting for me. I got a job, a dream career, and things started to flow in easy breezy. Thank you Boni for this incredible book! I can’t wait to buy copies for everyone I love.” – Sara O., California


“A few days before I got news that I was to be a beta reader for The Map to Abundance, I had an all out hissy fit with the universe about abundance, specifically the lottery. As LOA teachers say, you can be/do/have whatever you want, but money/the lottery seems to always be an infuriating exception, and no one has ever explained WHY. I put forth to the universe during that hissy fit that I wanted to know why, once and for all. And I got my answer in The Map to Abundance. Amazing isn’t it? :) It all makes so much more sense now. Thank you for doing what it seems no one else has been able to do. So much love and respect to you Boni!”– Stephanie


“I have read The Map and listened to the CD’s and purchased The Map Workbook. I know that Boni has a wonderful way of presenting her ideas on manifesting. Reading The Map to Abundance was like having Boni with me gently guiding me to those places I need to explore in order to truly open myself to success in all its forms. The book is a journey that takes you step by step into the questions that need to be answered in order to break free of limiting beliefs about financial abundance. I especially loved the chapter about abundance stoppers. Beliefs about scarcity and about being a victim can stand in the way of taking ownership of of your situation. It is only from that place of honesty and intention that things can change. The Map to Abundance is a wonderful tool to help you uncover your true dreams about what success means to you and how to achieve them. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars!!!” – Kala B.