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Webinar_LP_v2“The Map” Webinar* is for those who are
serious about changing their reality

This is your opportunity to hear Boni present the concepts in The Map (as well as some new concepts) live via Internet! You will:

  • Be included into a rare and exciting opportunity – Boni teaching the principles of The Map in 8 individual online seminars.
  • Learn more about The Map’s seven steps to conscious creation:

1.    Know who you are.
2.    Clarify your desire.
3.    Flow energy towards your dream.
4.    Take inspired action.
5.    Watch your world respond.
6.    Stay in joy.
7.    Ask for help.

  • Have the opportunity for Boni to read your intentions, and give you her personal feedback on them.
  • Delve into your beliefs and be guided as to how to discover and change them.
  • Be able to submit your questions for Boni to answer, each and every week.
  • Be invited to a private Facebook group, where you can share your successes, questions and excitement.

And a special Bonus Gift for registering!

Guided audio visualization technique that takes just 60 seconds! The “One Minute Manifestor” will assist you in focusing powerful, laser-like energy towards your dream in under 60 seconds! Do this technique, once, twice, or many times during the day, as it only takes a minute to complete. Listen to Parts 1 and 3 just once if you like. A $9.95 value!

Dates & Topics:

Sept 24th: The Map part 1 – An overview of conscious creation & The Map.
a.    An introduction to “The Map” and Boni
b.    Understanding the implications
c.    What is conscious creation?
d.    What can you create?
e.    How does conscious creation work?
f.    An overview of “The Map”
g.    Homework for next session – What do you hope to get out of this webinar? Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page

Sept 26th
: The Map part 2 – Who are you (really) and beginning to dream – by setting your intentions.
a.    Who are you?
b.    What causes something to manifest?
c.    What if you don’t know what you want?
d.    How to begin to create (consciously)
e.    How to write your intentions
f.    What to do after you have written them
g.    Homework for next session – Write your intentions. Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page

Oct 1st: The Map part 3 – Flowing energy part 1. Unconscious vs. conscious “flow”. Becoming conscious and powerful.
a.    What is “flowing energy”?
b.    How do we stop “flowing negativity”?
c.    How do we flow “consciously”?
d.    Who else is flowing energy into our reality?
e.    Working with our “child, adolescent and young adult” selves
f.    Handling our “negative self”
g.    Homework for next session – What “flow stoppers” stop YOU? How does that show up in your world? What does your negative self have to say about your creating a dream? Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page

Oct 3rd: The Map part 4 – Flowing energy part 2. Beliefs.
a.    How do beliefs fit into conscious creation?
b.    Where did we get our beliefs?
c.    Understanding the three levels of beliefs
d.    Critical: Our “foundational beliefs”
e.    How do we discover our “hidden beliefs”?
f.    How do we change our beliefs (for good)?
g.    Homework for next session – Test for foundational beliefs. Write down any you have & change them. Post your beliefs on the Facebook Group page

Oct 8th: The Map part 5 – Flowing energy part 3 – Techniques.
a.    How do techniques affect our reality?
b.    What are the critical components of a good technique?
c.    Conscious vs. “altered state” techniques
d.    What are the most powerful techniques?
e.    How often should you do your techniques?
f.    Learning to let go…
g.    Homework for next session – Do the One Minute Manifestor 2x per day. Email a description of the “picture” you are seeing and what it means (i.e. what you want to manifest). Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page

Oct 10th: The Map part 6 – Taking “inspired” action. How to know what to do.
a.    Why is “taking action” so important?
b.    What if we don’t “feel like taking action”?
c.    How do you know what action to take?
d.    The difference between “acting and earning”
e.    Self-loving actions
f.    The scary actions
g.    Homework for next session – Write your top three dreams and the actions you plan to take for each. Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page

Oct 15th: The Map part 7 – Watching your world respond. And responding to it’s response.
a.    The great news!
b.    What IS a “response” from your reality?
c.    How do you “respond” to that response?
d.    What if you get only negative signs?
e.    How do you stay patient enough for your dream to manifest?
f.    What to do when your dream DOES come true!
g.    Homework for next session – Think back to when you did the One Minute Manifestor 2 times per day. What signs did you receive after that? Write them down. Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page

Oct 17th: The Map part 8 – Staying in joy, asking for help & a day-by-day creation plan.
a.    The other hours in your day
b.    How to stay happy
c.    When something bad happens
d.    Living “as if”
e.    You are not alone
f.    “A plan” to live a life you love

Note: Sessions will be recorded and available for a limited time should your schedule conflict with one or more days.


Pacific 10 am
Mountain 11 am
Central 12 pm
Eastern 1 pm

Duration of each session:

One hour of presentation, up to 30 minutes of Q&A



Note: Limited number of tickets available! 

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* What’s a webinar? A webinar is a web-seminar. And they work different ways. This one will be a powerpoint presentation for about one hour each session (eight sessions across 4 weeks). This is a powerpoint which Boni has put together, and she will speak throughout it…live. You do not see a video of her, but you do get live audio. After that there will be a q&a period of about 30 minutes. You type your questions into the question box and Boni answers them aloud. The sessions will be recorded so that if you miss one you can catch up. And if you had a question but you couldn’t be there live, you could send it in ahead of time.