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Part One: An Overview of Conscious Creation & The Map
Homework for next session: What do you hope to get out of this webinar?


Part Two: Who Are You (really) and Beginning to Dream
Homework for next session: Write your intentions.


Part Three: Flowing Energy Part I
Homework for next session: What “flow stoppers” stop YOU? How does that show up in your world? What does your negative self have to say about your creating a dream?


Part Four: Flowing Energy Part II
Homework for next session: Test for foundational beliefs. Write down any you have & change them.


Part Five: Flowing Energy Part III
Homework for next session: Do the One Minute Manifestor 2x per day. Email, or post a description of the “picture” you are seeing and what it means (i.e. what you want to manifest).


Part Six: Taking “Inspired” Action
Homework for next session: Write your top three dreams and the actions you plan to take for each.


Part Seven: Watching Your World Respond!
Homework for next session: Think back to when you did the One Minute Manifestor 2 times per day. What signs did you receive after that? Write them down.


Part Eight: Staying In Joy, Asking For Help & Where To Go From Here…


Helpful Resources


The steps of The Map will be second nature to you eventually, but until then you’ll find this handy guide comes in useful to go over the basics, trouble shoot a creation-gone-wrong or and for deciding what to do next. It keeps you on track in an easy and elegant way!
Download “Mini Map”


This technique helps you to “let go” of the idea that there is only one way for something to manifest. It stretches your imagination by encouraging you to see that the universe has unlimited ways to manifest any dream.
Download Learning to Let Go Technique


Visit the TECHNIQUES page to find other techniques to help you along your journey of creating your perfect life.
See All Techniques


The “One Minute Manifestor” will assist you in focusing powerful, laser-like energy towards your dream in under 60 seconds! Do this technique, once, twice, or many times during the day, as it only takes a minute to complete.
Download “One Minute Manifestor” Audio Technique

5. “The Map” Chapter 12

“You will know you are on the right track if you are motivated, excited, having fun and if your life is changing for the better.” -Boni Lonnsburry
Download Chapter 12