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Entire 90 Minute Class – Boni’s Gift to You

If you are working on creating a life you love, this class will help you understand the overall concept, hear it explained directly from Boni and it’s a beautiful introduction to what to expect if you are considering the full E-course. Enjoy!

More about The Map E-Course:

The Map E-course is for those people who are serious about changing their realities. This is your opportunity to hear Boni present the concepts in The Map! You will:

  • Boni teaching the principles of The Map in 8 individual, prerecorded online seminars.
  • Learn more about The Map’s seven steps to conscious creation:
    • Know who you are.
    • Clarify your desire.
    • Flow energy towards your dream.
    • Take inspired action.
    • Watch your world respond.
    • Stay in joy.
  • Delve into your beliefs and be guided as to how to discover and change them.

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Topics Covered in this E-Course:


The Map part 1 – An overview of conscious creation & The Map.
a.    An introduction to “The Map” and Boni
b.    Understanding the implications
c.    What is conscious creation?
d.    What can you create?
e.    How does conscious creation work?
f.    An overview of “The Map”
g.    Homework for next session – What do you hope to get out of this webinar? Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page




The Map part 2 – Who are you (really) and beginning to dream – by setting your intentions.
a.    Who are you?
b.    What causes something to manifest?
c.    What if you don’t know what you want?
d.    How to begin to create (consciously)
e.    How to write your intentions
f.    What to do after you have written them
g.    Homework for next session – Write your intentions. Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page


The Map part 3 – Flowing energy part 1. Unconscious vs. conscious “flow”. Becoming conscious and powerful.
a.    What is “flowing energy”?
b.    How do we stop “flowing negativity”?
c.    How do we flow “consciously”?
d.    Who else is flowing energy into our reality?
e.    Working with our “child, adolescent and young adult” selves
f.    Handling our “negative self”
g.    Homework for next session – What “flow stoppers” stop YOU? How does that show up in your world? What does your negative self have to say about your creating a dream? Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page


The Map part 4 – Flowing energy part 2. Beliefs.
a.    How do beliefs fit into conscious creation?
b.    Where did we get our beliefs?
c.    Understanding the three levels of beliefs
d.    Critical: Our “foundational beliefs”
e.    How do we discover our “hidden beliefs”?
f.    How do we change our beliefs (for good)?
g.    Homework for next session – Test for foundational beliefs. Write down any you have & change them. Post your beliefs on the Facebook Group page


The Map part 5 – Flowing energy part 3 – Techniques.
a.    How do techniques affect our reality?
b.    What are the critical components of a good technique?
c.    Conscious vs. “altered state” techniques
d.    What are the most powerful techniques?
e.    How often should you do your techniques?
f.    Learning to let go…
g.    Homework for next session – Do the One Minute Manifestor 2x per day. Email a description of the “picture” you are seeing and what it means (i.e. what you want to manifest). Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page


The Map part 6 – Taking “inspired” action. How to know what to do.
a.    Why is “taking action” so important?
b.    What if we don’t “feel like taking action”?
c.    How do you know what action to take?
d.    The difference between “acting and earning”
e.    Self-loving actions
f.    The scary actions
g.    Homework for next session – Write your top three dreams and the actions you plan to take for each. Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page


The Map part 7 – Watching your world respond. And responding to it’s response.
a.    The great news!
b.    What IS a “response” from your reality?
c.    How do you “respond” to that response?
d.    What if you get only negative signs?
e.    How do you stay patient enough for your dream to manifest?
f.    What to do when your dream DOES come true!
g.    Homework for next session – Think back to when you did the One Minute Manifestor 2 times per day. What signs did you receive after that? Write them down. Post your assignment on the Facebook Group page


The Map part 8 – Staying in joy, asking for help & a day-by-day creation plan.
a.    The other hours in your day
b.    How to stay happy
c.    When something bad happens
d.    Living “as if”
e.    You are not alone
f.    “A plan” to live a life you love

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Some Questions Answered in “The Map” E-Course:

  • At first, my business, which is for sale, began to receive lots of inquiries. However, no one has made an offer.  Yes, I got super excited when I saw signs that my intentions were working! But how do I manifest the completion of this sale?
  • I would like to know how to communicate with my negative self if I can’t hear her. I only can feel her presence.
  • How do I heal my younger selves where there has been excessive turmoil the majority of time? I’m not sure where to start or what affected me and what didn’t. There are things that I don’t feel bothered by now, but I wonder if they are affecting my reality because they were difficult when they happened?
  • Boni, you have written about the fear that you felt when you were going through a difficult time and how you overcame it. I wonder if you would be willing to share your experience of how you dealt with and overcame that fear?
  • I am 53 and have never been married.  I have had significant relationships but have been single for a long time.  My intention for this class is to FINALLY attract a relationship with the man who will become my ideal partner, soul mate, love of my life, husband etc.  I have seen signs of land lately and men seem to find me attractive.  That said, I sometimes fall into the: is this ever going to happen trap, I am not getting any younger, are there any men for me beliefs, etc.
  • Can I miss one day of saying my new beliefs (or intentions) and add that day at the end of the 90 days?
  • I understand we’re meant to keep our intentions somewhat open, but I’m at a point in my work where I can go in a few different directions and need specific guidance from my higher self regarding which specific path is best for me now. How do I write this as an intention without limiting myself?
  • I have many beliefs hidden and many being shifted. At times wonder what list to start with. Am I over reacting to signs?
  • After reading your book “The Map” I asked the universe for much needed money so that I could leave my job along with my two hour commute and dedicate more time to my daughter and to follow other interests. I didn’t know how the money would come but I followed every inspirational thought that came to mind. One day I was in my office meditating and a vision popped into my head. It was a certain aisle at the local ROSS store. I don’t know why but I felt like I was going to find money there.I headed to ROSS. When I got to the particular aisle I didn’t notice anything unusual until I saw a beautiful butterfly nightlight. The night before my husband had asked me to buy our daughter a nightlight and this one was really cute. I grabbed the nightlight and noticed a crumpled up piece of paper behind the nightlight, when I opened up the paper I realized it was an old Powerball ticket.I never ever thought that the money I needed would come through the lottery so I never played but since the ROSS incident I have been playing the numbers on the ticket and I have received many incredible signs but no win. I’m losing hope and think that maybe it was all just a big coincidence.
  • I always hear about finding your passion in life. If you love what you do, you will never work another day. It has got to come from within. How can I apply your techniques to find my passion?
  • I only see the small signs like finding a penny or a quarter or a dime. What signs are considered big signs for money?
  • Please give some examples on how to use the One-Minute Manifestor properly? I am not clear about how to do it without controlling the dream.
  •  I met a wonderful man who I felt was my soul mate. I was a single parent at the time. But he suffered greatly from depression. That coupled with my flow stoppers led to times of great turmoil in the household. He passed on in 2012.It’s been such a struggle to get through each day but I am doing “The Map” to try and find some purpose with the remainder of my life. I am 55. At times I feel that me doing “The Map” is deserting him.I know emotions are key to this but it’s hard to feel joy a lot. Do I keep working it and try and plow past the sadness?
  • I realize I have a fear of success, much stronger than a fear of failure.  Failure I am comfortable with – so much so, I often self-sabotage myself right before I achieve my goal. I often work myself to exhaustion, then if I don’t reach my goal or it becomes too overwhelming, or too elusive, I just give up – then, in time, I pull myself up by my boot straps full of willpower and go full force again. How do I break this cycle?
  • If signs are not directives, then when and how do you know to take action?
  • I have MS and lately I’ve been having more difficulty balancing and walking. I believe that I created this situation and I’m having trouble reversing it. I believe all my answers are within me, and yet, my MS seems to be making it more difficult to move even though ‘I intend to walk fluidly and with balance’ and ‘I intend to be flexible and balanced to do full yoga poses’. I have also gained weight. So, basically, I have two intentions:

1.    I intend to walk more fluidly and with balance and to be more flexible. 2.    I intend to return to 135 pounds.

 Do you have any suggestions for me about how to word the intentions or what I may need to do to make this happen?

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Helpful Resources

When you purchase the full version “The Map” E-Course, you will receive the below resources to help you along your journey.

1. INTENTION CATEGORIES Organizing your intentions in categories will help to clarify your dreams and make them easier to manifest. Copy and paste these categories and add as many intentions as you like to each…but do list at least one intention for every category.

2. “MINI MAP” REFERENCE GUIDE The steps of The Map will be second nature to you eventually, but until then you’ll find this handy guide comes in useful to go over the basics, trouble shoot a creation-gone-wrong or and for deciding what to do next. It keeps you on track in an easy and elegant way!

3. HOW TO TEST FOR BELIEFS This test works on the principles of applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology uses muscle testing as a feedback mechanism. In very basic terms, your muscles will stay strong under favorable stimulus. They will weaken in unfavorable stimulus.

4. FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS Foundational beliefs are beliefs about beliefs themselves, beliefs about creating reality and beliefs about the results of changing beliefs. Foundational beliefs are beliefs that will sabotage your belief changing work. These beliefs must be changed before any other beliefs, in order to successfully and easily change your beliefs about the rest of your reality.

5. LEARNING TO LET GO TECHNIQUE This technique helps you to “let go” of the idea that there is only one way for something to manifest. It stretches your imagination by encouraging you to see that the universe has unlimited ways to manifest any dream.

6. TEN (GREAT) REASONS TO FEEL JOY TECHNIQUE Joy doesn’t necessarily come knocking at your door. Sometimes you have to go looking for it and persuade it to come home with you. Here are ten “thoughts” you can think to gently invite joy to come live with you again.

7. OTHER TECHNIQUES Visit the TECHNIQUES page to find other techniques to help you along your journey of creating your perfect life. See All Techniques

8. “ONE MINUTE MANIFESTOR” AUDIO TECHNIQUE – YOUR FREE GIFT! The “One Minute Manifestor” will assist you in focusing powerful, laser-like energy towards your dream in under 60 seconds! Do this technique, once, twice, or many times during the day, as it only takes a minute to complete.

9. “The Map” Chapter 12 “You will know you are on the right track if you are motivated, excited, having fun and if your life is changing for the better.” -Boni Lonnsburry

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