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“The Map” offers principles to shift the entire foundation of life as we know it. It’s not just a new way of thinking…it’s a new way of life. Therefore it is helpful to find support in any way we can (as long as it is genuine support). I encourage people to get together to support one another but only “if” the support is genuine. No gripe sessions, no victims, no blame, no judgement. Therefore I have put together some “guidelines” to help keep you on track.

Form your own group or start or join a MeetUp group. But in order to keep on track, I suggest following these guidelines:

Clarify intentions

Intentions could be those below or similar intentions in your own words:

We intend that this group draws to it the assistance of the unseen friends of all members as well as the light beings in support of this work as a whole.

We intend that this group operates with the highest integrity and character possible 

We intend that this group holds the highest level of light, love and support possible for ourselves and each other 

We intend that this group aids its members in discovering deeper levels of “who we really are” and in consciously creating lives we love.

We intend that the growth and learning in this group is (as much as is possible) easy, elegant and fun.

We intend to adhere to the guidelines of the group out of love and respect for ourselves and each other.

Choose the definitions of your group

  • Choose the number of members (minimum and maximum).
  • Decide where to meet (if not a public venue then switching homes is ideal).
  • Decide how often to meet (weekly or monthly).
  • Choose your facilitator (rotate between all those willing).

Suggested meeting guidelines

  • Small talk shall be limited to before and after the meeting.
  • There shall be no complaining, lamenting or self-pity during the meeting hours. This energy is not conducive to fun, abundant and joyous realities.
  • A timer shall be used to time those speaking to keep the meeting on task and allow all a turn. Someone shall be appointed “time keeper” for each meeting (ideally this person changes from meeting to meeting).
  • Intentions should be requested from all who participate. Those who do not “have time” to write intentions should not be allowed entry. This is not to be mean or to single them out, but the group should be limited to those serious about creating their realities.
  • Assign a “Recorder” for each speaker. The speaker will give the Recorder his or her own notebook before speaking. The Recorder takes notes on what the speaker is saying and should pay particular attention to phrases, which point to underlying beliefs.

Suggested format

  • Read the “Group” intentions.
  • Read all intentions for new people to the group, and overall and immediate intentions along with any changed intentions for ongoing members. Affirm aloud that the unread intentions are included.
  • Successes and/or signs announced (each in turn).
  • Read one to two page(s) of this book per person (can be related to the group technique below).
  • Group technique (from the book).
  • Individual “case study.” One person comes prepared to speak about their success or troubleshoot a difficult manifestation. This person should bring and read their:
    • Intentions (around this topic)
    • The beliefs they have changed
    • The techniques they have completed
    • The actions they have taken
    • The signs they have received
    • If troubleshooting, others should listen for other beliefs/techniques/ideas around the topic being discussed and share those suggestions with the individual.
  • Read closing statement (this or something similar): We give thanks for everyone in attendance today that assisted in our growth and intention to consciously create lives we love. We give thanks for the unseen friends who have assisted us tonight/today. We ask that they continue to support us throughout the coming week/month in consciously creating realities of ease, elegance, love, joy, prosperity, abundance, success, freedom and fun.