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Victoria Moran, international best-selling author:

“Reading The Map is like having a dream coach on speed dial. Boni Lonnsburry makes it possible, first, to grasp the astonishing fact that we create our own reality (yes, all of it). She then guides us in proven ways to work with that incredible truth to manifest both the cash and prizes of life, and the even more meaningful satisfaction and peace that attracted them in the first place.”

– Victoria Moran, best selling author of Creating a Charmed Life

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Peggy McColl, NY Times best-selling author:

“The MAP is beautifully named, as it offers the potential for you to go anywhere your heart desires.  This is a complete, well-organized, valuable, practical guide to experience fulfillment in your life.  The thing I loved most about The Map is how simple it was to understand and how easy it is to follow. This book has the potential to be one of the most profound books ever in the field of personal transformation.  Highly recommended!”

– Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Linda Siversten, best-selling author:

“This book ROCKS! I am no stranger to the Law of Attraction—but the way Boni puts The Map together is so fun, easy, and user-friendly that I couldn’t wait to do the exercises (and that hardly ever happens)! Boni’s refreshing take on spirituality and manifesting is going to help catapult countless lives!”

– Linda Sivertsen, bestselling author,

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Meadow Linn, author:

“Believe it or not, your life can be happier, healthier, and more fun. Run—don’t walk—to get your hands on a copy of The Map. In this well-crafted and superbly organized book, Boni Lonnsburry presents an easy-to-follow guide for consciously creating the life of your dreams. Step-by-step instructions are seamlessly interwoven with examples, anecdotes, and personal stories. From the first page, you’ll be inspired to write your intentions, rework your beliefs, and be open to miracles. Follow The Map, and you will manifest your deepest desires!”

~Meadow Linn, Author of The Mystic Cookbook and Quest: A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest ~

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Cheryl Maloney, bestselling author:

Are you motivated to change your life but don’t know where to start?  Have your heard about the Law of Attraction, think you use it, but keep coming up short?  Then The Map – To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True by Boni Lonnsburry is your step-by-step guide to consciously creating a life you love.

The author lost it all.  Her career, her family, her financial security yet was determined to be grateful for a $164/week paycheck from a temp job.  If you’re far from where you want to be, as she was, then join her on a journey to where you want to be.  “The Map” provides both understanding of why you’ve created the reality you’re experiencing right now and how to consciously create the reality you want.  This author went from barely being able to pay the rent to having homes in the Bahamas and the Colorado mountains and flying between both by private jet.  Along her journey she met the love of her life and experiences joy in every moment.

Throughout the book there are simple and effective tools to help you decide what you want, devise your intentions to create it and fun exercises to flow the energy to your dreams.  What I love most is that Ms. Lonnsburry lists out about every situation we might want to change and gives us suggestions on how to change our thoughts & intentions to serve us better.  She does so with a refreshingly honest approach that enables the reader to laugh along the way. That’s a blessing for anyone who has been struggling for way too long.

What makes this book so different from all the other Law of Attraction books out there is that it’s practical, simple and written by an inspiring woman who doesn’t just talk about it… she lives it.  You have to do the foundational work in this book and use the exercises consistently. However, it is your life, and if you want to create a life you love, then you need “The Map.” You’ll never be lost in life again!

~ Cheryl Maloney – # 1 Best Selling Inspirational Author, Talk Show Host, Writer, Coach & Speaker 

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