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What People Are Saying About “The Map”

“For the first time I GET IT! This book is such an inspiring and reality creating read. I have read other books similar to this, but this is the first one that has grabbed me by the shoulders and opened me up to a whole new level of understanding!!! I am still quite a novice in this realm, but I have taken to heart what Boni is saying and literally within hours I was seeing and receiving blessings and gifts. I have found “The Map” to be very enlightening and uplifting (in a fun and eloquent way) and would recommend it to anyone looking to recognize there potential as a divine being.”
~ Heidi, 5-star Amazon Reviewer

“‘The Map’ has already made its mark on me. I am a new person now, staying positive, creating my own future. It’s kind of funny but I love it, I love the idea that “my thoughts becomes my reality”. I love it a lot and I can only say thank you to the person who shared this with me, I am grateful for ‘The Map’.” ~JO via Boni’s Facebook Author Page

“I have this book and have read every page. What I know is this just like anything else in life when you are ready and willing, then change happens. This is a great book, and I have read so many of the same… The day I changed my thoughts the lights came on. I will continue to reread this book because it lifts my spirit.” ~JE via Live A Life You Love Facebook Page

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